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When deciding on a new car, potential buyers are often faced with a variety of options. In today's world of flexibility and financial efficiency, leasing is becoming increasingly popular. The Ford Puma, a compact SUV, is particularly popular. But how does leasing this model compare with alternatives such as a car subscription?

Who should buy a Ford Puma?

As part of the Ford range, Ford Puma is a versatile vehicle that appeals to a wide range of drivers. As a compact SUV, it offers the perfect blend of size and manoeuvrability. Whether for family outings, city driving or everyday use, the Ford Puma is suitable for a variety of purposes. Its compact size makes it comfortable and practical for both urban traffic and longer journeys.

How much does a Ford Puma cost?

The cost of a Ford Puma varies depending on the configuration and model. For example, the price for the ST-Line X with automatic transmission, mild hybrid technology, a 1-litre engine with 125 hp and front-wheel drive costs CHF 38,450.-. It is important to consider the exact configuration to find the right Ford Puma for you.

Unlike individual leasing, Carvolution offers pre-configured cars off the shelf. This enables us to buy in large volumes, which means we can offer attractive prices and pass them on to our customers. So not only do you get a high quality vehicle, you also get unbeatable value for money.

Leasing offers for the Ford Puma

The Ford Puma can be leased through a number of channels, either directly from Ford or through online platforms such as Gowago, Autoscout or Farie. When choosing a leasing offer, it is important to compare the vehicles carefully, as they may differ in terms of specification and age. You should also carefully consider whether leasing with or without a down payment is more suitable for you.

Consider the total cost of ownership

When leasing a Ford Puma, there are other costs to consider in addition to the monthly instalment, such as insurance, tax and tyres. It is therefore important to consider the total cost of leasing in order to make an informed decision.

When should I consider leasing a Ford Puma?

Leasing a Ford Puma can make sense if you have specific configuration requirements that differ significantly from those offered by other providers. When unusual features and configurations are required, leasing may be the right choice for you.

Alternatives to leasing: car subscription from Carvolution

For many interested parties, a car subscription as offered by Carvolution is an attractive alternative to leasing. A car subscription is a complete package that includes not only the vehicle, but also all associated costs such as insurance, taxes and maintenance. This provides a simple and transparent solution without having to worry about additional costs.

Carvolution even offers a best price guarantee compared to the total cost of leasing. Discover your savings potential with a car subscription with the free and non-binding total cost comparison.


Overall, leasing a Ford Puma is an option worth considering, especially if you have specific configuration requirements. However, it is important to compare all the options available, including alternatives such as Carvolution's car subscription, to find the best solution for your needs.

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