Carvolution launched the car subscription on the Swiss market in 2018. Due to the fast-growing popularity of the car subscription, other players have entered this market, for example, which developed an innovative all-in-one leasing together with Migros Bank. In the blog you will find the differences between all-in-one leasing and the Carvolution car subscription. Find out which solution suits you better.

The differences

Both providers offer an all-inclusive bundle, where everything about the car is included. That means you don't have to worry about insurance, registration, taxes, service and maintenance or tyres. However, distinguishes between three packages: All-in-one Premium, All-in-one Essentials and All-in-one Light. Only the All-in-one Premium is comparable to the Carvolution car subscription, because the other packages do not include taxes, the extended warranty or even the tyres.

It is important to know that is a leasing service. This means that a larger down payment (usually around 10% of the vehicle value, customers can also choose CHF 0 down payment) is usually due at the beginning and there is usually the option to buy the car at the defined residual value at the end of the term. Whether the car should be bought at the end of the leasing contract is assessed by as follows: "This is not necessarily a bad idea, but in certain cases it is not advisable. Mostly, the value of the car at the end of the term is already determined at the beginning of the contract - the so-called residual value. If the car has been well maintained, it may be in your best interest to buy it. It is best to check the market value before making a decision. On the other hand, after 3 to 4 years, the car is no longer under warranty and you will have to pay for servicing and maintenance. While there is often the option of an extended warranty, it may be in your best interest to simply lease a new car." Just as with leasing, with a car subscription you can request a quote to buy at the end of the term. With both the subscription and the all-in-one leasing, it is important to assess at the end of the contract whether a purchase makes sense.

As is a leasing service, there is no possibility to choose a duration of less than 2 years, in contrast to the car subscription. With a car subscription, you can decide for yourself how long you want to drive the car, be it a few months or a few years.

All in all, leasing, especially the innovative all-in-one leasing from, makes sense if you are looking for a specific car that is not available on subscription at Carvolution. Since we at Carvolution focus on the most popular models of various brands and procure them in large quantities, we can achieve considerable price advantages, but not just any car in the range.

Those who want to compare the costs of all-in-one leasing from and the car subscription from Carvolution should simply pay attention to the selected parameters and the down payment. Those who choose the All-in-one Premium package from enjoy a similar scope of services as with the Carvolution car subscription. When using it, Carvolution customers have, for example, an app in which they can flexibly adjust their kilometre package to their needs on a monthly basis. With the all-in-one leasing from, the kilometres are fixed at the beginning and cannot be changed during the term. For example, points out on its website that you should not underestimate how much you drive: "Because if you sign your contract with an annual kilometre package of 10,000 km, but then drive 15,000 km, for example, the leasing bank can charge you up to CHF 0.30 per additional kilometre driven, which would mean an unpleasant CHF 1,500 extra per leasing year", says in its blog, as of 16 June 2022.

If you consciously decide in favour of leasing, you are certainly in good hands with and benefit from a completely digital processing.

Gowago vs carvolution EN tabelle

As of 16 June 2022. At gowage, the Audi Q3 has leather seats, whereas at Carvolution they are fabric seats.

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