Electric cars, hybrids and small cars with energy efficiency A are reduced by 50% in the first month during the Carvolution Green Week in the spirit of sustainability. In addition, the start-up from Bern is offsetting the CO2 emissions of all new Green Week customers in a partnership with myclimate.

Carvolution, a true pioneer, is known as Switzerland’s largest provider of car subscriptions. In these Corona times, the new alternative to leasing and buying a new car has become increasingly popular. Precisely because the young company has grown so fast in recent months, it is important for the founders to make their customers aware of sustainability and, in particular, to facilitate their entry into the world of electric mobility.

Olivier Kofler, CEO of Carvolution, explains: "We don't tell people which car they should drive. However, we are very keen to ensure that our customers have the opportunity to drive as sustainably as possible within their means, even if they own their car". This is why Carvolution customers are always keen to use their car as little as possible, because the mileage package can be adjusted at any time. The customer is immediately rewarded for the savings made.

The Green Week encourages the majority of customers to choose an electric or hybrid vehicle. The range includes various models, such as the Audi e-tron or the Tesla Model 3, as well as hybrid versions such as the BMW X1 or the Ford Puma. Kofler explains why even small A-efficient cars are part of the Green Week as follows: "Not all drivers already have access to a suitable charging infrastructure. This is why we have decided to include particularly economical small cars in the campaign. The small cars are only in energy efficiency category A, so that as many as possible can benefit from the campaign."

The young company is aware that driving a car is not sustainable per se. Therefore, the average annual CO2 emissions of the new Green Week customers are offset by myclimate.

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