November 2020 - The whole world held its breath: Black Friday with all its special offers were just around the corner, like every year. Everyone was hoping to get the best bargain. And what did we do? That’s right. Not offering a Black Friday discount. In the name of the environment, we opted for the Green Week. It was a mix of a discount on certain cars and CO2 offsetting through the partnership with, to finally do something good for the environment. On the blog, you can read about which cars got a discount, why and what we learned about the Green Week.

Our Green Week

With our Green Week, we wanted to set an example for the environment. We are aware that driving a car is not environmentally friendly per se, but we still wanted to make a small difference. And that’s what we did.

Did you know that electric cars are much more environmentally friendly than petrol or diesel cars? And did you know that there are different energy classes for vehicles? A+++, A++, A+, A, B, C, D. Yes, just like the refrigerators you see in the big electrical stores. That's why, in addition to our electric and hybrid cars, we have decided to offer a special deal to our small cars in energy class A: 50% discount on the first month's rent and CO2 offsetting through This was our Green Week deal.

You're right, it was a good deal. And on top of that, we did something for the environment. Of course, we didn't stop the melting of the polar ice caps, but even the smallest things can make a difference, because fills emissions in carbon offset projects in developing and emerging countries.

What we have achieved

Our Green Week was a great success, as many people took advantage of our discount.

Thanks to our partnership with, we were able to offset the CO2 emissions of 360,000 car kilometres. This corresponds to the distance from Earth to the Moon... or almost nine times around the Earth. Impressive, isn’t it? And you see, quite a lot of CO2 emissions have been compensated.

Was the Green Week worth it?

Of course, after every campaign the ultimate question is: was it worth it? Were our customers satisfied? Were we able to do something good for the environment?

Yes, yes and yes! We jump for joy when no one is looking at us. The campaign was a complete success and we will certainly consider it again next year. And maybe we will even be able to offset CO2 emissions by as many kilometres via as it would be like driving around the world once.

In partnership with

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