Versteckte kosten beim autokauf

"Keep your eyes open when buying a car" is said for a reason. Many think only of the price or the condition of the car. But what about hidden costs? These may not be immediately obvious, but in the long run they are a big burden on your wallet. That's why you should know about these cost traps when you're looking to buy your own car.

Hidden fixed costs

The first costs

The first step has been taken: the car is paid for and the keys are in hand. The next step is to redeem it in your canton of residence. Depending on the canton, costs of approx. 60 - 90 CHF are incurred for the issuance of the vehicle registration document and the control plates.

Better safe than sorry - insurance, taxes and co.

When buying a car, some insurances and taxes are obligatory: every car must have a liability insurance. Car insurance is also mandatory, but here everyone can decide for themselves whether to take out full or partial insurance for their car. While the partial cover insurance covers theft, natural hazards, animal bites, collision, glass breakage and fire, the fully comprehensive insurance also covers damage to the vehicle due to a self-inflicted accident or vandalism.

In addition to the insurance, there is also the vehicle tax, this depends on various factors: the canton, engine capacity, power, total and unladen weight. A different tax sum may be incurred.

Every year...

In addition to the fixed monthly costs, there are also annual costs. In Switzerland, for example, a freeway vignette must be purchased every year. A periodic vehicle inspection is also required every two years, for new cars only after three years. The costs amount to approx 60 - 150 CHF.

Hidden variable costs

Everything in order? Service and maintenance

Depending on whether you choose a new or used car, you have to be prepared for unexpected repair or maintenance costs. With an older used car, this can also quickly become quite expensive: in case of major damage such as engine failure, the repair costs may unfortunately exceed the value of the car to such an extent that repair is no longer worthwhile, but also smaller repairs and the services fall fast into the weight, many however are not conscious of this.

Other maintenance costs: tires and cleaning

Depending on how clean you like your car, there are also costs for cleaning at irregular intervals. Tires are another item that many disregard: In addition to changing the tires twice a year, you also have to pay for storage and wear.

Ongoing but invisible: depreciation

When you buy a car and drive it for several years, there comes a point when you want to sell it again. Of course, you don't get back the purchase price you paid but you have to consider the depreciation. According to Allianz, the depreciation of a new car is up to 25% of the value in the first year and up to 50% in the third year. In addition, there is massive depreciation due to high mileage or damage to the car itself.

Your car on subscription

If you don't want to worry about hidden costs, then Carvolution's car subscription is the ideal solution. In the all-inclusive bundle everything around the car is already included: insurance, taxes, cantonal redemption, service and tires and tire storage. There are no hidden costs.

Also, depreciation is not an issue for you, at the end of your minimum term, you simply return your car or drive it for as long as you like. Are you interested in a car subscription? Here you will find an overview of our 35 models of various brands.

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