Kunde vor Auto Background
Kunde vor Auto Background

After returning from Brazil in October 2021, Daniel was faced with the question of a suitable mobility solution in Switzerland. It quickly became clear to him that it should be the Carvolution car subscription. From the initial consideration to the return of his car, we take a look at Daniel's experience with Carvolution.

How did it come about that you needed a new car?

I lived in Brazil for many years and came back to Switzerland in October 2021. I mainly needed the car to get to work. Travelling by train would have been difficult in terms of time and logistics and after an expensive taxi experience, it was clear that we needed a car again.

How did you hear about Carvolution?

My sister told me about it. To buy a car, you simply need a lot of money at once and with leasing you usually have to commit yourself for a relatively long time. The car subscription with a fixed monthly price seemed like a good option in between.

Did you calculate the costs carefully in advance?

Yes, I looked closely at the costs. The fixed monthly price for my Audi Q2 fitted my budget perfectly, and the total costs were significantly lower than comparable offers.

How and with what did you compare the costs?

As buying was out of the question for me, I compared the car subscription with leasing. This is very easy to do on the Carvolution website. They then sent me a comparison table of the total costs of the subscription and leasing, where I could easily see all the items. This transparency and simplicity of pricing convinced me.

Did you also decide to get the Carvolution car subscription because of the price?

Yes, but not only. The flexibility of the subscription was also decisive for me. The range of short and long terms means that everyone can decide for themselves how long they want to commit to a car. For me, 24 months was great and much more attractive than a long-term lease.

Nevertheless, you have now returned your car early. Why?

Yes, I had to give the car back early. My father passed away, and he left me a car. Fortunately, Carvolution reacted very understandingly and arranged an early cancellation of the contract. The dialogue with Carvolution was always positive and clear. Even after the return, I am still delighted with their customer service.

How was the return?

The return went smoothly. Although it was hard for me to return the car, I found the overall experience very positive.

Would you choose Carvolution again despite the early return?

Yes, definitely. The arguments that convinced me are still valid. The flexibility, the transparent service and the fair pricing convinced me and I would always choose Carvolution again in the future.

Who would you recommend Carvolution to?

I would recommend Carvolution to anyone who is in a similar situation to me. So, if you need a car at short notice, don't want to have high purchase costs and appreciate the advantages of a low, fixed monthly price, I can only recommend the Carvolution car subscription.

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