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When Dirk needed a new car, he relied on the advice of his friends and took a look at the Carvolution car subscription. In the interview, he explains why he deliberately decided against buying a car and opted for a subscription and what else, apart from the low, calculable costs, motivated him to give this young mobility concept a chance. Today, he is enthusiastic and happy about his VW ID.4 GTX subscription.

How did you hear about Carvolution?

My colleagues already have a Carvolution car subscription and are thrilled with it. So when the subject of a new car came up a while ago, I remembered our conversation. We didn't want to tie ourselves down to a particular car, especially as we couldn't find the ideal vehicle on the market that was both electric and 4x4. Carvolution's advertising then sparked my interest again and I took a closer look at the concept.

Did you research yourself and booked a car or did you make an appointment with Carvolution?

I did my own research first, but then I asked for advice. The sales manager Rinaldo was great. Not only was he competent in his field, but he was also very personable. I particularly liked that he explained all the options clearly and then gave me time to make a decision in peace.

So why did you choose Carvolution?

Everything was just right! Basically, I was convinced by the concept. The price includes everything you need and I can calculate exactly how much the car will cost me per month. When I buy a car, the question of financing quickly comes up. The simplicity of the car subscription wasn't the main criterion, but it made the decision easier.

Have you previously purchased a car?

Yes, we had two cars and they were both bought.

What advantages do you see with Carvolution compared to buying a car?

The biggest advantage for me is the clear cost calculation. Before, I was always annoyed by the service bills, which are really expensive. I also think it's great that we'll have our car for two years and then we can see what the situation is and if our needs have changed.

How do you feel about the overall cost of the car subscription?

At first glance, I thought the cost was relatively high. But having looked a little closer, the prices make perfect sense. For example, if I bought a car and drove it for 10 years, the car alone would cost me 6,000 francs a year. Then there's insurance, registration, service costs, tyres and more. It's all included in the subscription. The bottom line is that Carvolution is cheaper and more flexible.

What do you think of the contact in general?

Just great! As I've already mentioned, what convinced me most was that Rinaldo did such an exceptional job - he was authentic, personal but also very professional. This was a major factor in our decision to take out a Carvolution car subscription. Even now, during the subscription period, we still have the opportunity to exchange ideas. It's also not the case that everything is done once the contract has been signed. With the car subscription, for example, I can adjust the kilometre package on a monthly basis. And if I have any questions, I can always call.

How does the kilometre package exactly work?

In the Carvoution app you have an overview of the kilometres you have driven and you can adjust the kilometres package if you need more or less kilometres. Additional kilometres are only charged at the end of the subscription. So it's no problem if you drive a little more one month and a little less the next.

Haven't you ever had to change your tyres?

No, but I am surprised. I don't live and work in the canton of Zurich, but Carvolution has a partner garage near me. That was very important to me and you can see how good the partner network is already - tiptop.

VW ID.4 - are you happy with the car you've chosen?

The VW ID.4 is a fantastic car. Although we were looking for a smaller 4x4, this model has surprised us in a positive way. It's our first electric car and we're very happy with it.

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