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Jeffrey D. is 34 years old and originally from Berlin, but he has called Switzerland home for 20 years. He lives in Appenzell Ausserrhoden with his partner, dog and cats and is a partner and managing director of a company in the wellness sector. In an interview, he explains why he has now decided to go with the subscription concept for his second car as well.

Jeffrey, was buying or leasing an option for you?

Jeffrey: I've only ever bought used cars and unfortunately didn't always get a good deal. I was always advised against leasing, either by friends or family. When I told them about Carvolution's car subscription, they were also very interested and agreed with my decision.

Why did you choose Carvolution?

My first car from Carvolution was the Ford Puma. The SUV was part of a promotion and I knew I had to be quick or this great car would already be out of stock. So the decision to get a car subscription came very quickly.

How does the car subscription help you in everyday life?

I haven't regretted the decision to take out a car subscription with Carvolution for a minute, everything really worked out from the first second. All car-related costs are included in the fixed monthly price and there are no hidden costs. I pay the monthly subscription price and that's it. I think it's great that I can simply choose a new car from Carvolution after the minimum term has expired, so I'm always driving a car that's as good as new.

You have already subscribed to your second car from Carvolution, what particularly convinces you?

The large selection. I could choose my two cars from over 70 different models of various brands. They offer small cars, vans but also SUVs and limousines. As I said before, I chose the Ford Puma, an SUV, for my first car from Carvolution and the Genesis GV80, also an SUV, for my second car. Both cars are very well equipped and have all kinds of technical gadgets, which I think is great.

Who can you recommend Carvolution to?

Since there is something for everyone, whether small car or SUV, petrol or electric, Carvolution is for everyone. Be it private individuals or companies. The configuration of the subscription is geared to your own needs and the choice of vehicles is great.

Do you also let your friends or family take the wheel?

Yes, the first requests from friends have already come in and yes, I am happy to allow a test drive. But only if I'm there (laughs).

What configurations have you chosen for your cars?

I have the same configuration for both cars: a monthly kilometre package of 1,200, a minimum term of 48 months and for the deductible of the comprehensive insurance I have chosen CHF 1,000. With my first car from Carvolution, the Ford Puma, I simply adjusted the kilometre package myself in the first month because I noticed that I was driving fewer kilometres than expected. I chose a term of 48 months because the longer the subscription period, the more affordable the monthly fixed price.

How did you find out about the Carvolution car subscription?

I saw the advertisements on TV several times. When I needed a new car, I got into a conversation with my business partner and we discussed the Carvolution car subscription. I then went to the Carvolution website and took a closer look at the offer.

And what do you think of the Carvolution team?

I will never forget my first phone call with Carvolution. My sales manager Daniel Santor was competent, helpful and friendly. I think the informal style is absolutely brilliant, it makes you feel like you're talking to a friend on the phone.

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