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Why choose a fixed lease when the alternative is a more flexible and cheaper car subscription? Kilian Imwinkelried, former “Deutschland sucht den Superstar” contestant, explains how a rear-end collision opened his eyes. As a result, he opted for a car subscription rather than leasing because of the lower total cost. Today, he is convinced that there is no better way to drive a car.

From leasing to car subscription - how did it happen?

When I knew I needed a new car, the only thing that mattered to me was to reduce costs. I'm generally very open-minded and curious, so I was interested in Carvolution and car subscriptions in the past. But because of a supposedly unbeatable leasing offer, I initially decided against it. But that quickly changed - now I have a car subscription.

Why? What made you decide to switch after all?

I decided to switch to Carvolution after a rear-end collision with my leased car. The car was a total loss and I didn't want to go through the whole leasing process again. I then looked at the car subscription, compared providers and after my mum said "Try Carvolution!", it was clear to me. As an Audi fan, I was finally convinced by a white Audi A1 from Carvolution.

Although you have now decided to take out a car subscription, you were still sceptical. Why?

I think my decision in favour of leasing and against the car subscription was due to the price. But not because of the price per se, but because people often forget what is included in a car subscription. Carvolution was still in its infancy and it wasn't clear what was included in the subscription prices. People, including myself, didn't realise how advantageous the prices actually were.

What made you less sceptical about the car subscription?

I sought advice, compared and did the maths. You really have to make the effort to compare everything carefully. At the time, I simply had a low leasing instalment, so I didn't look into the car subscription any further. But now I know that there are many other costs besides the leasing instalment and that I can make huge savings with the Carvolution car subscription!

You seem to be very familiar with car costs. What's your opinion: car subscription or leasing?

Of course, the monthly subscription price looks higher at first glance. However, I quickly realised that, despite the high downpayment, I would have paid a whopping CHF 550 per month for leasing. With Carvolution, it's CHF 512 including insurance, tax, tyres and so on. Effectively much less.

And now that I haven't received a tax bill from the road traffic office or an insurance bill, I've realised that all the costs really do go through Carvolution and I'm spared all the paperwork.

Apart from that, what is the biggest difference to leasing?

Certainly the term and the flexibility! With a car subscription, I have a choice - do I want to try a car for 3 months or commit for 18 months? That gives me flexibility that I didn't have with a 4 year lease.

How has your environment reacted to the car subscription?

Very differently. A lot of people were worried or surprised at first. I was often asked why I didn't just buy or lease the car. Today, however, most of them are really interested and want to know more about the subscription model. Many also think it's cool that I'm trying new things and maybe even see me as a bit of a role model (laughs).

Do people around you have the same concerns and questions about prices as you did back then?

Absolutely. Many people find it expensive at first. But when I ask them how much they spend on average each month on their car, they start to do the maths. Insurance, road tax, tyres, what am I really paying for it? It's just very difficult to come up with a monthly figure. A lot of people have an 'aha' moment when they realise they are paying more.

Are you happy with your choice of Carvolution?

Yes, I am very happy. Carvolution really takes time for the customer, doesn't put any pressure on them during the consultation and responds to questions and concerns. The warmth is certainly one of the success factors. I'm also happy with my car, the only thing missing is a sensor at the front. One pip is enough (laughs).

Last question. A wow moment with Carvolution?

Really laughing together on the phone. When was the last time I had that with a company? Probably never. I really appreciate that about Carvolution and the whole team behind it.

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