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The car subscription is not only attractive for private individuals, but also for companies. Lohmann & Rauscher, a provider of future-orientated medical and hygiene products, is currently converting its fleet to subscription vehicles from Carvolution. Luca, Team Leader Sales, takes stock and explains in an interview what he and his team think of the car subscription and why he thinks the switch from leasing and purchasing to the subscription was long overdue.

Luca, how did L&R come across Carvolution?

Together with our managing director, we thought about how we could organise our car fleet more simply and efficiently. We previously had 18 cars from different providers, which is quite confusing. In our search for alternatives, we came across Carvolution's car subscription and realised that it was the best offer. We now have four car subscriptions from Carvolution.

How did the company organise mobility before?

Previously, we leased and bought vehicles, both new and used. However, it became increasingly difficult to keep track of when contracts end, what costs are incurred and when services are due. Planning delivery times for new cars was also a challenge.

Do all your employees need a car?

Yes, there are 12 field staff in my team who all need a car. With the car subscription, I can plan flexibly when and for how long each employee needs a car. As vehicles are sometimes available at very short notice with Carvolution, this makes my planning much easier.

Should all 18 vehicles required be subscription cars?

Yes and no. We have two options for employees who need a company car: They can either take advantage of a mobility allowance and arrange a car privately or they can get a car directly through the company. For the latter option, the company Carvolution provides car subscriptions. We currently have 4 vehicles on subscription, while the others are still on leasing contracts. These will be gradually replaced by subscriptions once the contracts expire, in order to switch completely to the subscription model.

You drive one of the four cars in the subscription yourself. Is it your first?

It's the first one from Carvolution. I already had a car subscription from another provider for a year. As a company, we had the opportunity to switch to Carvolution and that's what we did.

Why did you go with the competition?

We decided on the Audi A4 as our car and then compared offers. The Carvolution subscription simply offered the best value for money.

Do you know how much your subscription costs?

Yes, we pay around CHF 1,300 per month for the Audi A4.

1,300 francs: how does that figure sound to you?

Honestly, it sounds like a lot of money. But if you look at what's included in this price, it quickly becomes relative. We need the vehicles for field service, which means we have a very large mileage package with 2,500 kilometres per month. I also have a top modern new car and the fixed monthly price doesn't include anything apart from refuelling. Insurance, taxes, tyres, service and maintenance are all included. The price-performance ratio is just right.

Apart from the costs, does it also reduce your workload?

For me, definitely. I'm not a passionate car fan and I'm just happy when things are running smoothly. If I have any concerns or questions, I can simply get in touch and someone else takes over the organisation. This is extremely valuable, especially with company cars, as it is often unclear who takes care of the insurance, who the tyre partner is and which office you need to contact for specific concerns. With Carvolution, this effort is completely eliminated.

What has been the highlight of your Carvolution car subscription so far?

The customer service. From the order to the collection to current questions during the subscription period. I recently wanted to change my tyre partner and a call to Carvolution put me straight through to an extremely helpful contact person without having to wait on hold. After another email, the switch to my new tyre partner was already done. Carvolution took care of the administrative work, including the transport of my tyres to the new partner.

Have you encountered any critical opinions about the subscription?

Almost not at all. However, I have a colleague who works for a Swiss leasing company and of course says that his solution is better and cheaper. What is right in the end has to be considered on a case-by-case basis. But for us, the Carvolution car subscription was the best overall solution.

Do you also have a private car?

No, I've always had a company car and therefore don't need a private one. However, I have considered taking advantage of my company's mobility allowance to look after a car privately. But even in this case, I would have gone to Carvolution. The only difference is that I would probably change my private car subscription more often to try out different vehicles.

Do you have any tips for other companies?

Go to Carvolution (laughs). No, seriously: take a look at the Carvolution car subscription, scrutinise your current solution and calculate the total cost of your vehicles. This is the best way to see what suits your company and how you can save costs. In addition to the costs, Carvolution's "all-in-one solution" is perfect for companies.

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