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Nicole is driving her second car with a subscription and is familiar with the entire process. From choosing a car and ordering, to the subscription itself, changing tyres, claims, returning the car, the much-criticised final invoice and changing the car, she has been through it all. In this interview, she talks about her experiences.

About half of all cars are leased. For a long time, that included Nicole's car. Today, she would never lease again. Not only was it too expensive, it was also not transparent and involved a lot of hassle and paperwork. However, she doesn't want to be without a new car, so she has signed up for a car from Carvolution. She has the same advantages as leasing or buying a car and can use the car as her own without any restrictions, but pays much less than before. The only disadvantage is that there are only about 50 models to choose from. But if you find the right model, you can drive a new car permanently and super cheap, just like Nicole.

Car subscription: costs & leasing comparison

You are now driving your second car with a subscription. What convinced you?

I was most impressed by the All-in-One package. Insurance, service, tyres and much more are all included in the price. For me, that means zero hassle, and that's great. The price is also unbeatable.

Did you buy or lease your car before the subscription?

I used to have a leasing contract. But today that would no longer be an option for me since the car subscription is simply perfect.

What is the biggest difference between a car subscription and leasing in the past?

I no longer have countless different invoices and paperwork, but simply one transparent car subscription invoice and that's it.

How do you feel about the cost of the car subscription?

If you work it all out, the costs are really affordable and even lower than leasing - but above all, Carvolution is very transparent. Even if the choice of small cars isn't as big as it used to be, that's fine with me. The Ford Puma I now drive was only 20 francs more expensive than the Seat Ibiza, but it is better equipped and more spacious.

What caused you to change cars?

My previous car had reached the minimum contract term. I could have driven it for another year, but then I decided to switch cars.

Originally, I just wanted to try out the car subscription for two years. But now I was so convinced that the question was no longer whether I would stay with it, but which car would be the next. When Doreen, my contact at Carvolution, contacted me with a special offer for the Ford Puma ST-Line X, I jumped at the chance.

Returning your car: a hit or a miss?

How was the return of your car?

I know there is always criticism or concern about possible costs. But I didn't feel that way at all. I returned the car clean. I was aware that I had damaged it. But it's like renting a flat - you can't just damage it and expect to pay nothing.

What happened with the damage on your returned car?

It went smoothly for me. I took out the insurance included in the All-in-One package and also opted for parking damage and gross negligence insurance.

When I returned the car, there was a very professional assessment, as you would expect. I had some parking damage which was covered by my additional insurance and some other damage which I had to pay for.

So you were asked to pay after you returned the car?

Yes, I had to pay for the damage. The CHF 450 I was charged was absolutely justified. Having worked in the car industry, I know that even minor damage can cost a lot. The other damage, the parking damage, was covered by the insurance.

Do you have any suggestions on how to improve the return?

No, everything was great for me. The whole process was super quick and I knew about the returns process beforehand. The people who are complaining probably didn't get enough information beforehand. Carvolution explains the return standards very transparently and can't help it if customers are not familiar with the costs of car repairs.

All-in-One: What's your opinion?

Have you always been satisfied with the car subscription, the All-in-One package and the Carvolution service?

Yes, absolutely! Everything is straightforward and your team is always friendly. The contact with Doreen has always been great and even when she wasn't directly available I always got great help, no matter what the issue was. All I can say is keep up the good work!

How did the tyre change work?

It was perfect! You just go to the garage and everything is done in half an hour to three-quarters of an hour. Super easy! It was also very easy to make an appointment. I just called and they told me straight away when I could come in. Super easy.

So the car subscription is the best solution for you?

Absolutely. I'm sure we'll meet again in three years when my Ford Puma has run its course (laughs). It's really great for me. I wouldn't buy or lease a car again - I'm convinced, and I'm always happy to recommend you.

Have you looked at other subscription providers?

Yes, of course I compared them with the competition. One provider had 12 garages throughout Switzerland where you could collect your car, which I liked. But in the end, there was always something wrong with the other providers. One company offered a subscription with no excess, but the monthly payment was much higher. I haven't heard enough about the other companies to know exactly what's going on.

But as I said, I have looked at them all and for new cars you are the cheapest and for me the number 1.

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