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Patrice, 61, formerly an automotive industry insider, knows firsthand the costs and challenges of buying and leasing a car. But since the retiree stumbled upon Carvolution, his perspective has completely changed. Intrigued by the benefits of a flexible and affordable alternative to traditional car buying, he is now a firm believer in car subscription and has already subscribed to his second car. In this interview, Patrice shares his experience, talks about returning his first car, claims handling and why he fears losing money when buying a car.

How did you find out about Carvolution?

I needed a new car and was looking for a flexible solution. By chance I came across Carvolution on the Internet.

What was your first experience with Carvolution?

After I had informed myself and had a detailed conversation with a Carvolution employee, I was enthusiastic about the concept of the subscription. It is simply ingenious. I think it's fantastic that Carvolution offers an alternative to the traditional purchase or leasing of cars that is also so practical.

Why did you ultimately choose Carvolution?

In the end, the good conditions and the flexibility of the subscription were decisive. With Carvolution, I no longer have to worry about maintenance, insurance or repair costs, because everything is included in the fixed monthly price. That is really convenient. I also like the fact that I can change cars regularly and always drive a new model. Another plus point is that customer contact is always friendly and the employees at Carvolution are very competent.

How do you explain the car subscription to friends and family?

When I talk to my friends or family about the subscription, I always emphasize the biggest advantage for me: the possibility to change vehicles regularly. I appreciate the convenience of the Carvolution service, which means I am always flexible and have no hassle.

How do you perceive the cost of the car subscription?

I have worked in the automotive industry myself and know how expensive a car and all the associated expenses are. That's why I'm even more thrilled that Carvolution includes insurance, taxes, tires and service, and that they still offer such reasonable prices. If you don't want to spend too much, you should definitely consider Carvolution's car subscription. Besides, we all don't know where the automotive industry is going, what new technologies will come through or how legislation will change. So you would lose even more money if you buy or lease a car now. Being flexible with the subscription is therefore the best solution for me.

What is the biggest difference for you between Carvolution and your previous leasing?

In short, it's easier, more convenient and less stressful. For me, the biggest difference with leasing is the flexibility and convenience that Carvolution offers. With leasing, I often had to deal with annoying formalities, such as returning the vehicle at the end of the contract and possible penalties for exceeding the mileage or in case of damage. With Carvolution, on the other hand, I appreciate the fixed and transparent monthly costs, as well as the fact that I always receive a new or almost new vehicle that meets current standards. Everything is clearly specified in the contract and I have a wonderful overview of my kilometers and possible damages.

Do you use the Carvolution app? How does it help you in your everyday life?

Yes, I use the Carvolution app regularly and find it very handy. I can use it to check my vehicle's mileage, adjust my monthly mileage package, and report minor damage or accidents. Communicating with the Carvolution team is also possible through the app and sending them questions or concerns directly through the app. The app is really a convenient way to stay in touch with Carvolution and get important information about my subscription vehicle.

Is there anything else you would like to say about Carvolution?

I would like to emphasize that I am really satisfied with Carvolution. The entire experience, from registration to vehicle change, was pleasant and hassle-free. The team at Carvolution has always been helpful and professional. I appreciate the transparency in terms of monthly costs and the flexibility that the car subscription offers. I recommend Carvolution to anyone who wants the flexibility and convenience of using a car without having to worry about the associated costs and paperwork. I save time and money with Carvolution. My bank account thanks me every month (laughs).

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