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René is a new driver and drives a car with a Carvolution subscription. A second-hand car with possible repair costs was out of the question for him. In this interview, he tells us why he decided to take out a subscription, what he thinks about it after a few months on the road, and what the consequences of exceeding his kilometre allowance were.

René, how did you come across Carvolution?

I became aware of Carvolution through a television advertisement. Afterwards, I looked for more information on the website.

Did you book an appointment for a consultation?

That was not necessary. I found all the important information on the website. The FAQs and terms and conditions contain everything you need to know. Then the decision was already made for me and I was able to select the car online in just a few clicks, configure the subscription and order it.

What happened next?

I phoned Carvolution a few more times to discuss details and the contact was always super friendly. I find the "you" culture particularly cool, it makes the interaction much more relaxed. I feel really well looked after, even now during the duration of the subscription.

Why did you decide on Carvolution?

As a new driver, I didn't want to take any risks with my car. It quickly became clear to me that I wanted to drive a new car. Firstly, I would have a greater risk of repairs and therefore unexpected costs with a used car. Secondly, I wanted a car with modern safety features, because with my family in the car I naturally always have a very valuable cargo with me.

How was the car handover?

I came with my family to receive the car in Bannwil. A Carvolution employee, Suti, explained everything about the car in detail and handed us the keys. We immediately felt at home.

Are you the first person in your area to have a car subscription?

Yes, actually I am the only one. Basically, I have received a lot of positive feedback. Many people around me are now considering subscribing to a car from Carvolution. Of course there are always sceptical people, but they can do the maths and see for themselves. For me, it's just right.

What do you see as the biggest advantage of subscribing?

The big advantage of Carvolution is that I don't have to spend a lot of money, i.e. I don't have to dip into my savings. The fact that I don't have a write-off is also a crucial point that is often forgotten. I know what I pay per month and can rely on it and calculate with it. That gives me the necessary security.

How satisfied are you with your car?

Very satisfied. I drive the Ford Puma ST-Line X and it has everything I need: plenty of space for me and my family, especially in the boot, great equipment and lots of little gadgets that may not be absolutely necessary, but are definitely nice to have.

Do you use the Carvolution app?

Yes, very often. I check it every now and then because I can keep an eye on my entire subscription. I can also use it to adjust my kilometre package, which is very practical. At the beginning of my subscription, I had a few too many kilometres and called Carvolution. They showed me how I could adjust the package so that I wasn't too much in the red (laughs). There, too, I was given great advice and everything was easily sorted out. Now I know how and when I can best adjust the kilometres to my needs.

Do you save more time or more money with the car subscription?

Well, I definitely save both time and money. I have also talked to some colleagues and compared different offers. We are all convinced that the Carvolution car subscription is the most affordable alternative and is also so easy to order and use.

Are there any other points you would like to mention?

Actually, only that Carvolution should definitely stay the way it is. The communication on the website and in personal conversations, the "you" culture and the whole handling is simply super. I will certainly recommend Carvolution to all my friends. Then I can also use my voucher code (laughs).

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