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Mother of three Nicole Kaufmann from Buttikon SZ says about the purchase of her car: "We did the maths and found leasing and buying too expensive. The subscription fits our needs perfectly." Compared to her previous leasing, with the car subscription she no longer has to take care of insurance, taxes, service, tyres and tyre changes herself and benefits from low costs.

She depends on her own car in her everyday life and used to work in the car trade herself. When a friend gave her the tip about the car subscription, the mother of three and car connoisseur first compared the total costs with leasing and buying a car and looked into the car subscription in detail. In the meantime, Carvolution offers a best price guarantee compared to the total costs of an equivalent leasing.

Today, Nicole is not only convinced by the low costs, but also by the service. "The price-performance ratio is perfect. I don't have to worry about anything except filling up the tank. There are no additional costs because everything is included in the monthly fixed price," says the working mother.

A car subscription is basically a fixed monthly price for a car. Everything is included in the price except for fuel or charging costs. This means that comprehensive insurance, taxes, tyres, even services and tyre storage are already included in the monthly subscription price. In addition, in contrast to leasing or buying a car, the term of a car subscription can be flexibly determined and adjusted. It is possible to choose between a few months or several years.

The Swiss start-up Carvolution offers around 50 models from various brands. Whether small car, SUV or electric car, the choice is large. Although the car subscription prices seem high at first glance, comparisons by Comparis and Saldo show that the car subscription usually comes out better in terms of total costs than buying a new car or leasing.

Total costs make the difference

Many drivers still assume that the cost of their car is far too low, as a study by the University of Mannheim and the US University of Yale shows. The car owners surveyed estimated the costs of their vehicle to be almost 50 percent too low. In addition to the purchase price or monthly leasing rate, the total costs also include fuel, depreciation, taxes, insurance and maintenance. Expenses that are included in the monthly fixed price with the Carvolution car subscription. Only the costs for fuel or charging current are additional. For example, the Ford Fiesta is available from Carvolution for as little as CHF 469 per month.

More than just low costs

Although Nicole had to wait a little longer than planned for her new Seat Ibiza because of delivery problems, she is more than enthusiastic about the team and the concept. She says of the ordering process: "I experienced a very upbeat, open team. After contacting them, I configured my subscription myself and ordered the Seat Ibiza."

Furthermore, they are convinced by small, albeit very important aspects of the Carvolution Auto subscription. For example, the kilometre package can be adjusted monthly to your own needs, directly via the app. So you never pay too much and don't have to pay for extra kilometres later. Nicole has already tried it out and says: "I reduced the kilometre package because I travel less than expected. It's very easy".

Her conclusion on the car subscription? She is also convinced of the other advantages of the subscription: "For example, when changing tyres. Simply make an appointment, drive there, have them fitted, done. All without any additional costs," says Kaufmann. She therefore recommends the car subscription to "everyone who wants to drive a car in an uncomplicated way".

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