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Concluding a leasing contract as a retired person can be difficult. Many leasing companies only offer their customers a leasing contract up to retirement age and no further. In many cases, offers made to retirees are only exceptional cases.

Is leasing still possible for retired persons?

By law, seniors have the same right to conclude a car leasing contract as any other person of legal age. However, as is the case for other persons, they must fulfil the corresponding obligations and basic requirements of the “lessor”. These obligations include:

  • An sufficient income
  • A good credit rating

A good credit rating is essential for financing a car. A high credit rating reduces the risk of defaulting on leasing instalments. In addition, it protects the lessor against defaults.

Indeed, the age and state of health of the senior, in relation to the duration of the lease, can quickly become a problem. In the event of death or need of care before the end of the leasing, the retiree’s heirs or guardian must settle the outstanding debts of the leasing. Many people who sign a lease fear the premature death of the senior citizen, who will no longer be able to pay his or her contributions. And it must be said that claiming the money from the heirs is a laborious process. In order to avoid having to do this in the first place, a lease is therefore not issued to retired persons without further legal action. It is the exception rather than the rule.


Most seniors are generally denied a leasing contract. They are considered too much at risk and the danger of non-payment is considered too high.

But the question arises as to what an elderly person should do, whether he or she still feels fit enough and wants to drive his or her own car?

Thanks to the 4 tips presented in the following post, you will learn what you need to pay attention to as a senior, in order to know the necessary safety when driving a car, but also to enjoy the pleasure of driving.

1. Tip: Feeling comfortable while driving a car

If you are a freedom-lover who drives a car, it is important that you feel comfortable in it. If you don’t have any problems with double roundabouts, driving into town or driving in bad weather, you can enjoy your time behind the wheel. However, the wellness factor is also strongly related to your health.Are you mentally strong enough to correctly assess traffic situations? If you can answer yes to this question, this point also speaks in your favour.

It is important to know that most senior citizens do not pose an above-average threat to other road users. On the other hand, they are particularly exposed to accidents.

2. Tip: Driving on familiar roads

Man is a creature of habit. The constant repetition of a sequence of events gives him security, and this is the case when driving a car. If you are a retired person and you still enjoy driving a car, choose roads that are familiar to you, as this promotes your feeling of security. Also, don't choose too long roads. However, if this is unavoidable, plan enough breaks. This will not reduce your ability to concentrate.

3. Tip: Have a regular safety check

The age of the compulsory medical examination is now 75. Today's senior citizens are healthy and drive safely. The examination must be renewed every two years by your family doctor. That being said, you can do a driver's safety check with the AAIB earlier. It covers six topics:

  • Driving on the road
  • Sight
  • Concentration
  • Fitness
  • Health
  • Medication and alcohol

The goal is for you to answer the questions honestly and self-critically. This way, you will quickly recognize the sensitive points regarding your safety while driving. You will be able to tackle problems seriously and, in some cases, even solve them.

4. Tip: Taking advantage of driving tips

Don't show false pride by wanting to drive when you’re not so sure of yourself anymore. As part of the course, you can regularly refresh your driving and car knowledge. Not only will you drive with a feeling of security, but your knowledge will also be updated.

Freedom lovers and driving a car

If you feel safe and comfortable, there is nothing to be said against driving as a senior citizen. If you stick to these four tips, you can continue to enjoy driving and enjoy your independence for a long time to come.

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