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Today, leasing a car is a popular alternative to buying or financing a car for young and old alike. However, for a certain group of lessees, the question arises as to whether leasing will still be possible, namely when retirement is in sight or has already been reached. In this blog article, we therefore shed light on whether leasing is also possible as a pensioner and what challenges need to be overcome.

Am I able to lease as a pensioner?

Let's get straight to the point - yes, pensioners are just as entitled to conclude a leasing contract as any other person of legal age. However, they must also fulfil the requirements for leasing in Switzerland. These include the following points:

Residence and driving licence

Permanent residence in Switzerland is a prerequisite for taking out a leasing contract. For non-Swiss lessees, a category B or C residence permit is required. A category B driving licence or one recognised as equivalent in Switzerland is also required.

Creditworthiness and income

As leasing contracts are legally subject to the Consumer Credit Act (KKG), Article 29 obliges the leasing company to carry out a comprehensive credit check before concluding a leasing contract. It is important that the lessee is able to pay the leasing instalments without jeopardising his minimum subsistence level.

Proof for pensioners

Pensioners can usually show their current pension statement to prove their creditworthiness. Additional income from rental properties, securities, private pension insurance and assets should also be declared to increase the chances of approval. Finally, a clean extract from the debt enforcement register must be submitted.

Age and health

Although the conditions are generally the same, age and health can be a disadvantage. In the event of death or need for care before the end of the leasing period, the pensioner's heirs or guardians must settle the outstanding leasing claims. Many lessors therefore fear a possible default. Claiming the money from the heirs can be an arduous and lengthy process.

Tips for seniors on safe driving

While leasing can present some challenges for retirees, there are important tips that they can follow to drive safely and relaxed:

Tip 1: Feel comfortable driving

When driving, it is important that you feel comfortable. If double roundabouts, city driving or driving in bad weather are no problem for you, you can enjoy your time behind the wheel for a long time to come. Feeling good is also closely linked to your health. Do you feel mentally fit enough to judge traffic situations correctly? If you can answer yes to this question, then this is another argument in favour of driving in old age. It is important to know that seniors do not pose an above-average risk to other road users. It is the seniors themselves who are most at risk in an accident.

Tip 2: Regular driving safety checks

The age of the mandatory medical examination is currently 75 years (as of 23 May 2024). The examination must be repeated every two years by your family doctor. However, you can take the BFU driver safety check earlier. It covers six topics:

  • On the road

  • Vision

  • Information treatment

  • Physical fitness

  • Health

  • Medication and alcohol

The goal of the test is to answer the questions honestly and self-critically. This will enable you to quickly identify any sensitive issues relating to your driving safety and make a decision whether driving is still an option for you.

Tip 3: Take advantage of driving advice

Don't be too proud if you feel less confident but still want to drive. You can regularly refresh your driving and car skills by attending courses. Not only will you drive with confidence, but you will also have refreshed your knowledge.

Car subscription - the alternative for pensioners

If leasing as a pensioner is a challenge or you are looking for more flexibility, the Carvolution All-in-One car subscription offers a flexible and affordable solution with numerous advantages. We have summarised the most important points here:

  • Wide choice of vehicles: Whether you prefer small cars, compact cars, SUVs, vans or station wagons - at Carvolution you will find cars from every category. Thus, you can choose the perfect vehicle for your individual needs. Click here to find out which cars are particularly suitable for seniors.

  • Flexibility: You have the flexibility to switch between vehicles without having to commit to long contract periods. Ideal if your needs change more quickly as you get older. Whether you are a busy commuter or only use your car occasionally, the car subscription fits in perfectly with your lifestyle.

  • Convenience and security: All important costs such as insurance, service & maintenance, taxes, registration and tyres are included in the monthly fee. This means less administration and more time to enjoy your car. In addition, the comprehensive service ensures that your vehicle is always in perfect condition and you can enjoy it with peace of mind.

  • Advice and support: Let our experts advise you without obligation, whether on site or by phone. We'll help you find the perfect car subscription for your needs.

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