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Nowadays, there are thousands of leasing offers for a car. With so many offers, it's easy to lose track. Some leasing platforms are confusing, others are nicely structured, but the price composition is not entirely clear. amag provides a remedy here. The well-structured site allows you to customise your leasing and the car you want, see the monthly leasing rate, how that figure comes about and how the price changes when you add insurance, service and tyres. On the blog, you can find out how much a lease costs and how much a subscription costs by looking at concrete examples.

The leasing costs

The leasing rate cannot be compared 1:1 with the price of a car subscription. This is because a leased car entails additional costs on top of the leasing rate: insurance, cantonal registration, services, maintenance and tyres. These costs are spread over the whole year, giving the impression that some costs are almost forgotten. For this reason, the TCS generally recommends calculating the leasing rate by multiplying it by 3, so that all additional costs can be seen at a glance. As already mentioned, the amag leasing overview page is a good way of finding out the actual leasing rate, including everything relating to the car. On this page, you can already add insurance, service and tyres and thus simulate a complete leasing package that you can compare 1:1 with a car subscription.

If a car is not available on the amag leasing overview page, but you still want to make a comparison, you can do this with our cost calculator.

VW Tiguan

The VW Tiguan should serve as an example. The two Tiguans below differ slightly, they serve as an order of magnitude.

If you choose an VW Tiguan for 24 months, without a down payment and 15,000 km that you expect to drive in one year, it will cost you CHF 1442.96 per month. This example is calculated without a down payment, because otherwise it would have to be added to the monthly rate in a second step.

As already mentioned, you always have the option of choosing insurance and a so-called “Comfort package” on the amag leasing overview page. This package includes service, tyres, tyre storage and change. This way you can almost simulate the 1:1 comparison with a leasing and a car subscription. If you select the additional options, the price is CHF 1719.36. If you choose the same conditions for the car subscription (15,000 KM are 1,200 KM / month for the Carvolution car subscription, which is a little less than 15,000 KM), you arrive at a monthly subscription price for the VW Tiguan of CHF 883.00. This price already includes the complete package. You will quickly notice that the car subscription is significantly cheaper.

With a subscription, you save CHF 836.36 per month compared to leasing. Over the total duration of 24 months, that's CHF 20’072.64 you save with Carvolution.

What must be noted here, however, is the individual configuration of a leased car. If you want to choose every detail of your new car yourself, leasing is the better option for you. This is not possible with Carvolution. But you will always drive a top equipped car at a reasonable price.

Leasing VW Tiguan
Leasing VW Tiguag

VW Tiguan with insurance, service and tyres. Only available in german.

Carvolution VW Tiguan

VW Tiguan with all-inclusive package from Carvolution.

Leasing vs. car subscription

As you can see, the amag leasing overview page allows you to simulate a leasing with a car subscription 1:1. This makes it easier to compare the costs, because both options include service, insurance and tyres. However, as you can see, the car on subscription is significantly more affordable. If you have any questions, you can of course contact us at any time. You will also find an overview of Carvolution and the car subscription.

Deals with down payment

With our down payment deals, you benefit from an even lower car subscription price. Discover various brands and receive your non-binding offer!

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