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Leasing - This sounds like a practical solution for all those who commute daily in Switzerland, are travelling on business or are planning their next leisure trip. But in order to lease a new car for several years, certain conditions must be met. In this article, we have a closer look at the requirements for leasing in Switzerland and introduce you to a flexible alternative in the form of a car subscription.

The first step: Proof of residence & driving licence

One of the basic requirements for signing a leasing contract is permanent residence in Switzerland. For non-Swiss lessees, a residence permit is required. Temporary residence permits of category B or settlement permits of category C are sufficient to conclude a leasing contract. It is important that the expiry date of the permit extends beyond the end of the leasing contract.

This regulation therefore ensures that you are legally resident in Switzerland for the entire term of the leasing contract. In addition, at least a category B driving licence, or an international driving licence recognised as equivalent in Switzerland, is required.

The second hurdle: Creditworthiness

As leasing contracts are legally subject to the Consumer Credit Act (KKG), the leasing company is obliged under Article 29 to carry out a comprehensive credit check before concluding a leasing contract.

This must ensure that the lessee is in a position to pay the leasing instalments without jeopardising their minimum subsistence level or that they have sufficient assets that can be used to pay the monthly instalments.

As the lessee, you are therefore obliged to provide the leasing company with the necessary information so that your creditworthiness can be assessed. This usually includes a salary statement and an extract from the debt collection register.

Finally, the leasing company is also obliged to notify the Central Credit Information Office (ZEK) of important contractual data such as the total amount owed, the term of the contract and the amount of the monthly instalments.

The ZEK keeps a register of all credit and leasing activities in Switzerland and records data on prospective lessees, including information on late payments or other relevant incidents.

Overall, these strict requirements are crucial to protect you as a consumer as well as the leasing company from financial risks.

Why is the credit check important?

The credit check plays a key role for both sides. It protects the lessor from default risks and at the same time gives you the opportunity to demonstrate your financial reliability.

An extract from the debt collection register

A key aspect of the credit check is a check of the debt collection register extract. This documents whether there are currently any outstanding debt enforcement proceedings against you. Depending on the lessor, it is therefore essential that the extract shows no or only clean entries.

Creditworthiness and income

In addition to a clean extract from the debt collection register, the amount and regularity of your income also plays a decisive role. The most important thing here is that the leasing company can determine whether it can be assumed that your income will be sufficient to cover the leasing instalment after deducting all fixed expenses.

Other factors such as the length of your employment, the nature of your income and existing assets can also play a role. The overall aim is to create an all-round picture of your financial situation in order to guarantee the security of the leasing payments.

Conclusion: Is leasing the right choice for me?

If you fulfil all the requirements for leasing in Switzerland, nothing stands in the way of your new vehicle. This is excellent news for all those who value a new car and are prepared to commit to a fixed term.

But what if you're looking for an even more flexible solution with low, clearly calculable costs? One that includes not only the vehicle itself, but also all associated costs such as insurance, taxes, tyres, service and maintenance in a single, convenient package?

Car subscription: The ideal All-in-One solution

This is where the car subscription comes into play - an innovative alternative to traditional leasing. With a car subscription from Carvolution, you not only benefit from a comprehensive All-in-One package, but also enjoy the freedom to flexibly adapt your kilometre package to your current needs each month.

This flexibility makes the car subscription the perfect choice for anyone looking for a straightforward, transparent and carefree mobility solution. Our experts will be happy to advise you without obligation on which solution suits you best!

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