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Long-term car rental is for those who want to drive a car for several weeks. Read our blog post to find out what you need to know about it.

1. No new cars

When you rent a car for a long period of time, you usually get an old car with a lot of kilometres on the odometer. Comfort and numerous safety features are false indicators. In addition, unexpected defects and repairs may occur suddenly . Therefore, you may have to make tedious trips to the nearest garage, even if you are only driving the car for a few weeks on a long-term rental.

2. Additional drivers are not included

If you want your friends or family to drive the car, you have to pay extra. Additional drivers are not included in long-term car rental contracts. This means they cost you more.

3. The car is not registered in your canton of residence

You usually drive with AI plates, so you can't apply for a parking card in the blue zone. If this is the only way to park in front of your house, it can quickly become a problem.

4. Expensive kilometres

In many long-term rental contracts, you choose a kilometrage package that you can't adjust later. If you drive more than the allotted kilometres, it will quickly become expensive, because for every extra kilometre, you pay extra.

5. Insurance

If you drive a car, you must have third party insurance. A fully comprehensive or partial comprehensive insurance is also important. However, these often have to be chosen and paid for additionally in the case of a long-term rental.

6. Everything is included in the car subscription

If you rent a car from Carvolution, you will always drive a new car or a car in mint condition. These cars are well equipped, including safety assistants. You can let whoever you want drive it, because it's your car. Your new car will be registered in your canton of residence, so you're sure to get a blue parking card. And thanks to the all-inclusive package, everything about the car is included: insurance, service & maintenance, taxes, cantonal registration and tyres. You choose your subscription in 3 steps: selection of the vehicle, configuration of the subscription (minimum duration, kilometre package, insurance cover) and delivery of the car to your home. You can drive your new car for 3, 6 or up to 36 months, after which you can continue to drive it, exchange it or simply return it. You can choose between 4 types of kilometre packages, and if you suddenly notice that you're driving more or less than the allotted kilometres, you can adjust your package monthly, according to your needs.

Deals with down payment

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