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It's probably the nightmare of every car driver: marten damage. As small as the animals are and as innocent as they sometimes look, the damage they cause can be serious. In the worst case scenario, a marten bite on a car can even lead to engine damage. To save you from this, we tell you how you can protect your car from martens.

Car drivers as victims of territorial fights

Why is it necessary to protect your car from martens? In spring, during the mating season, but also in summer, males fight for territory. Especially during this time, martens increasingly set scent marks. The problem is that if a marten sniffs the scent of another marten on your car or in the engine compartment, he gets angry. As a result, it bites wildly and your car becomes a battlefield. In addition to insulation materials, the marten can damage ignition cables, coolant and brake hoses or the cables of the lambda sensor.

If you change the parking space, you live dangerously

You run the risk of this happening if you park your car overnight in an unusual place (= in the territory of another marten) or if you have a marten at home and at work. If you suspect that a marten has tampered with your car, you should call in a specialist as soon as possible. Of course, it is even better to prevent a marten from biting your car in the first place. There are several ways to do this.

Electric marten protection

One of the most common ways to protect your car from a marten bite is to use electrical protection. Metal contact plates are attached in the engine compartment. If the animal touches one of these plates, it receives an electric shock. This is not strong, but strong enough to keep it away from the car (comparable to a fence for grazing animals). This system is not dangerous because it is switched off when the bonnet is opened. According to the manufacturer, an electric marten guard is not lethal, but it is unpleasant enough to keep the animal away from your car in the future.

Use smells and sounds for protection

If this method seems too brutal for you, luckily you have other options. Special scents on the car can help; these are available at any hardware store. Dog or cat hair are also proven home remedies. However, these only help for a short time, until the next rain starts or the scent disappears. Biological scents such as sprays or sticks can provide a remedy and protect the car from martens.

Since martens are very shy animals, parking the car under a street light can help. If you have a fixed parking space, a spotlight with a motion detector is a good idea. Ultrasonic waves can also prevent marten bites on the car. The protective mechanism impairs martens' hearing and they therefore prefer to keep their distance. Barriers around the car, such as mats, wires or racks offer only limited protection, as the animals can sometimes bypass them.

Remove the traces after a marten bite on the car

One thing is particularly important however, after every marten attack, the engine compartment must be cleaned in any case in order to remove the scent of the animal from the engine compartment. Otherwise, a repair will eliminate the consequences, but you will still have the original problem. Namely, your car becomes the scene of a turf war and suffers collateral damage.

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