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Bannwil, February 2019 - Carvolution, the first independent Swiss provider of car subscriptions, closes its Series A with the Swiss VC group Redalpine. An illustrious group of renowned investors is on board.

Carvolution is redesigning mobility by challenging traditional concepts such as buying and leasing cars. With its flat rate, Carvolution is revolutionizing the car industry, comparable to Spotify, Netflix or Airbnb in their respective sectors. The trend in the mobility industry is clearly moving away from ownership and towards a subscription company. Anyone buying a car today can expect a greater loss in value than before in just a few years, due to the declining demand for combustion engines, especially diesel engines.

Transparency and no paperwork

As a pioneer in the car subscription market, Carvolution is pursuing a simple yet new concept: customers simply choose their car online, have it delivered to their door and pay a monthly fixed price that includes all costs except fuel. A disruptive mobility concept that allows customers to simply change their car, return it or keep it as long as they want. Unlike leasing or buying a car, it works without high initial expenses or a multi-year commitment.

The industry is ready for a revolution

The market for flat-rate car subscriptions is growing exponentially, with many established car manufacturers having already successfully tested their subscription models in Germany, Northern Europe and the USA. "We firmly believe that after the music industry, telecommunications and other sectors, the automotive market is ready for a business model that replaces the traditional purchase or leasing of the car," says Peter Niederhauser, founding partner of Redalpine.

About Carvolution

Carvolution was founded in 2018 - the team around the founders Léa Miggiano, Adrian Boss, Christian Räber, Luis Wittwer and Bernhard Drüner currently has eleven employees. The start-up is the first Swiss provider of mobility services of its kind to secure pole position and is now ready to give new impetus to mobility access.

Carefree thanks to the All-In-One solution

Registration, taxes, insurance, maintenance, tires and much more are included in the monthly flat rate. The customer does not have to worry about anything else except filling up the tank.

Permanent mobility without risk

Take no risks and remain mobile by car at all times. The customer does not have high acquisition costs and always knows what the car will cost him/her.

Simply order your car online and have it delivered

The customer can select and order his/her vehicle online. After a few days, the car is registered and delivered to his/her front door, ready to drive.

More information about the Carvolution car subscription can be found here.

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