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The desire to own a car remains strong in Switzerland, as the latest Swiss Mobility Barometer 2023 from Astra shows. Nevertheless, the reality of car ownership holds surprises: The study makes it clear that most people significantly underestimate the total cost of owning a car and that many are sceptical about car subscriptions due to the supposedly high costs. However, a closer look reveals that car subscriptions score points with advantages such as transparent cost structures and a high degree of flexibility - aspects that are particularly appreciated by subscription holders.

The latest edition of Astra's Swiss Mobility Barometer 2023 paints a clear picture: the desire to own a car remains strong in Switzerland. In fact, around 80 per cent of respondents have at least one vehicle parked in their garages. Two points in particular stand out in the study:

  1. Most people massively underestimate the total cost of owning a car.

  2. Many are sceptical about car subscriptions.

We have taken a closer look at the results of the Swiss Mobility Barometer and investigate how these two aspects are connected. We also show where exactly the sticking point lies in the cost calculation.

Total costs are massively underestimated

According to the study, more than 80 per cent of all respondents buy a car, while around 16 per cent state that they lease their vehicle. In both cases, further costs are incurred in addition to the purchase price or leasing rate, including maintenance, insurance, taxes and depreciation. However, it is precisely these costs that are significantly underestimated by many, as the study shows. On average, respondents reckon with around CHF 300 per month. In comparison, the TCS calculates actual monthly costs of around CHF 635 for a mid-range vehicle.

But how does this considerable discrepancy between estimated and actual costs come about? The authors of the study suspect that this is partly due to the fact that expenses such as insurance, taxes and maintenance are incurred irregularly throughout the year and are therefore often underestimated. Another factor is that the depreciation of the car is not sufficiently taken into account.

Everything included in the car subscription

None of this can happen to you with a car subscription. With Carvolution, you pay a fixed monthly price that includes everything except fuel and charging current:

  • Registration

  • taxes

  • insurance

  • Service and maintenance

  • Tyres incl. storage and wear

As a result, the monthly subscription fee seems rather high at first glance, which in turn makes many people sceptical about the subscription model. However, taking all costs into account, a car subscription is actually cheaper than leasing. We even guarantee this with our best price guarantee.

Car ownership redefined

For many people in Switzerland, owning a car is the norm. Around 70 per cent of those surveyed consider it important to own one, although it is usually only seen as a practical commodity with no emotional attachment. This suggests that many are open to new forms of car ownership, according to the authors of the study.

Carvolution addresses precisely this point: We want to redefine car ownership. Our customers, such as Ernestine, often feel as if the car is really their own. The difference is that the high purchase price for the car is eliminated. This is precisely where 75 per cent see the biggest advantage of the subscription - but by no means the only one.

Advantages of car subscriptions convince even sceptics

According to the Swiss Mobility Barometer, the car subscription offers the following advantages over buying a car:

  • Simplicity of administration: the car subscription model offers simplified handling of administrative processes.

  • Transparent cost structure: The fixed monthly price covers all major expenses, which enables clear cost control.

  • Flexibility: The subscription is highly customisable, both in terms of the duration and the kilometre package.

  • Comprehensive cost coverage: In addition to insurance and service, taxes and tyres are also included in the subscription price.

  • Technology change: The subscription offers the freedom to change the vehicle or technology simply and easily.

These advantages convince not only those who are interested in the subscription, but also the sceptics. It is noticeable that former lessees are more likely to opt for a car subscription than those who previously bought their vehicles. This may be because they are already aware of the benefits compared to buying a car.

Get non-binding advice

The study shows that there is a considerable discrepancy between our assumption of car costs and their actual amount. It is time to correct this misperception. So why benefit from a non-binding consultation now and take the first step towards making an informed decision?

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