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Here you can find out what the car purchase and DVDs have in common. Carvolution and Chill - because Carvolution makes your life as easy as Netflix.

We all have this one place where all our beloved DVDs, or depending on age, also film cassettes rot away. I guess in the basement in one of those boxes. How often have you decided to sell them online for a few Swiss francs, but in the days of Netflix and streaming, the effort is simply not worth it anymore.Even the visits to the DVD rental shop I can still remember very well. With every visit there was the danger of a broken friendship or a sibling fight, because one was only allowed to choose one DVD.Today hardly imaginable, because you simply watch a film on Netflix for 5 minutes, democratic or not, decide if you like it and at best just switch to the next one. In the event that it is impossible to agree on a film, then everyone looks on his device what suits him. Everyone has an access anyway.The question of who still buys DVDs today is actually obsolete. You don't buy DVDs anymore. Unless you're a fan, a passionate summoner of a certain movie that you just have to own as a physical good.

Carvolution and Chill. A subscription not only to Netflix, but also to cars.

With the car the question is not so fast, so easy to clarify. Because today many people still buy their own cars. So when you buy a car, you invest a lot of money, except used cars that fall apart, in something that loses value regardless of use. Yes, vintage cars are gaining in value, but I'm talking about the cars that take you from A to B every day. Cars are not good investments. You must be thinking: "but buying a car is better than leasing a car". It's just a pity that the car will lose value unstoppably, whether you use it or not.

If you are currently thinking about buying a new car, please reconsider. Because if you are not a car fanatic and the car is not a status symbol for you and you just want to be permanently mobile with a car, then buying a car is something like buying a DVD now.

Have fun at "Carvolution and Chill".

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