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Since we are all different, why isn’t our car adapted according to our needs? Car purchase or car lease often offer a much too rigid solution. They can only be adapted with great effort or sometimes not at all. That is why we came up with another solution: the car subscription, which adapts to your wants and needs.

From this moment on, beneficiate from these following novelties:


There are new options regarding the minimum duration of your car subscription. You can now choose how long you wish to keep your car for. You can choose up to 3 years and this way benefit from attractive prices.

3-month subscription

For selected cars we now offer a 3-month option. This gives you the possibility to change to another car after 3 months, return the car, or simply continue driving as long as you like.


Unfortunately, accidents and damages to the car cannot always be prevented, despite numerous sensors and drive assistance systems. In order for you not to have to pay all the costs yourself after such an occurrence, the insurance company will take a large part of the burden off your shoulders. Only the deductible is still at your expense. With us you now have the possibility to determine the deductible yourself. The new options range between CHF 500 and CHF 1,500.

License plates

We now register our cars in the canton of residence of our customers . This will make it easier for you to obtain parking cards from your local authority. Since the cantons charge different traffic taxes for different car models, the price will be adjusted accordingly.

Kilometer package

The car subscription is just as interesting for occasional drivers as for commuters. The new available kilometer packages make the car subscription even better than before. It is now even easier for you to find the right option that suits your needs.

Are you looking for your next car? Check out the new options and find the right subscription.

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