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I finished my studies, gained experience in an internship and now I have my first real job. Earning good money for the first time. I soon wondered when I would buy my first car. Of course, I think the idea and the concept behind Carvolution are excellent, but does it make sense for me to buy a car from Carvolution on a subscription basis? Is leasing an option for me? Doesn't a second-hand car make more sense? Find out in the blog why I finally opted for a car on subscription.

My first thoughts

A small car. That's what it should be. I don't need an SUV. I'd have to dig deep into my pockets to get an electric car, and a sedan is somehow too big and too long for me. Like I said, I want a small car. So how do I get that small car? I didn't really care about the brand. I have a pragmatic view of cars and how they are driven. It should allow me to get from point A to point B in complete safety.

When I looked around on the Carvolution website, the Ford Ka+ immediately appealed to me. It is small, inexpensive and fits my budget. Now it was time to compare this offer (850 km, 36 months, CHF 1,500.00 deductible) with leasing or buying a car. This allowed me to compare in black and white which offer would suit me best.


While surfing the Internet, I quickly came across various leasing offers. But I couldn't find the Ford Ka+. I was put off by sentences like "not available, back online soon" or "sold out, check out other offers". So I decided to make a direct comparison with a Ford Fiesta.

I quickly realised that leasing was quite expensive. The leasing rate alone was only CHF 357.00 for an offer I saw, but I had to add the insurance, services & maintenance, the cantonal registration and the tyres. It quickly became a nice sum. I would quickly spend more than CHF 600.00 a month. For my car to only get me from point A to point B, I think that was a lot of money.

Then I considered buying a car. At the moment, I cannot and do not want to afford a new car that costs more thanCHF 20,000. In addition, insurance, services & maintenance, cantonal registration plus tyres and tyre changes are also added to this price.

So a second-hand car? A Ford Fiesta with few kilometres still costs between CHF 10,000 and CHF 15,000. But that's still too expensive for me. A second-hand car for CHF 3,900 ? With 141,000 kilometres? What unpleasant surprises could I have expected in terms of maintenance and repairs? I didn't have a good feeling about the whole thing. I could afford the purchase price, but I would have maintenance costs anyway, not to mention the fact that I didn’t know how much extra money I would have to put aside to pay for the necessary repairs. And it wasn’t going to be a cheap second-hand car either.

The car subscription

The best for last: the final comparison with the car subscription. After all, I work for Carvolution and I fully support the concept. Here, too, I took a close look at the offer that was tailored to me. With the same parameters, I got a new car at Carvolution for CHF 462. With an all-inclusive package, without having to spend any extra money on insurance, tyres or possible repairs. I didn’t have to worry about all that either. I paid less with fewer worries. Was this possible? Yes. Did I consider this option? Absolutely.

In the end, I chose the Ford Ka+ and I’ve had the peace of mind from the start that I don't have to worry about anything to do with the car. Plus, the fixed monthly price fits my budget perfectly. I also always have an overview of the total cost of my car.

Deals with down payment

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