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In recent months Carvolution has already been advertising with its co-founder Léa Miggiano, but the new campaign features other faces of the Carvolution team. This diversity is also evident in the campaign itself. Under the slogan "You have the right to your own car - Join the Carvolution", the employees speak authentically about the various advantages of Carvolution and the car subscription.

Carvolution and the right to your own car

The new campaign is based on the idea that everyone who depends on a car has the right to one, one that is not too expensive, one that is not too complicated to get, and one where everything is included. In short: a simple alternative to buying and leasing a car. With the “Join the Carvolution” campaign, the start-up invites potential customers to become part of its community, because they benefit from the big picture that Carvolution offers. Indeed, since 2018, the start-up has been offering its community a car subscription that combines both lean digital processes and attractive purchase conditions.

Authentic, diverse, different

The new Carvolution spot takes us behind the scenes of the young start-up. In addition to co-founder Léa Miggiano, we see employees from all ranks of the company. The protagonists reflect the diversity of the 66-member team and Carvolution's broad customer base. Carvolution's new commercial is therefore all about diversity, as the focus is on people and their needs and less on the cars. Olivier Kofler, CEO of Carvolution, says of the new campaign, "We are extremely proud of the new Carvolution campaign 'You have the right to your own car - Join the Carvolution' and we are confident that our authentic approach will resonate with potential customers."

Launch of the campaign

From the beginning of September 2021, the campaign will be broadcast on television in German- and French-speaking Switzerland. In addition, the media hype will be intensified via social networks. It is not yet clear whether the Carvolution campaign will also be visible on billboards.

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