While combustion engines are constantly losing ground, the demand for new forms of propulsion is increasing. Electromobility has also arrived in Switzerland, and more and more electric cars are coming onto the market. For anyone who is thinking about getting a new vehicle, it is worth taking a look at the electric cars that will come out in 2022.

Demand is high and the global chip shortage is still causing long delivery times, so buying an electric car is certainly not cheap. Moreover, when comparing electric cars, you should keep in mind that the purchase price is not everything. There are additional costs. But the boom in this form of propulsion will again bring numerous new models to the market in all classes in the coming year, so there is sure to be something for you.

New German electric cars 2022

Besides VW, the most popular car brands in the country are Mercedes and BMW. All three manufacturers committed to expanding their electric portfolios some time ago. BMW and Mercedes in particular have set their sights high in 2022. BMW is rolling out the iX luxury SUV, which could already be ordered from Carvolution, but is now already sold out, and also the i4. Demand is so high for the compact car that the Bavarian carmaker is introducing Saturday shifts in the first quarter of 2022. The waiting time for the car is currently 9 months. Mercedes wants to counter this with the EQE, which is due to be launched in the middle of the year. In terms of range, both electric cars compare at around 600 km. The EQT, an electric high-roof station wagon or van, and the EQS SUV, an electric counterpart to the GLS, will follow.

Volkswagen stays true to its line

Volkswagen is pinning its hopes above all on the iD.5, a mid-size SUV coupe. In addition, an electric car is to appear in 2022 that was already announced a few years ago: the VW ID Buzz, the electric successor to the iconic VW Bulli. Audi is already launching its third electric SUV series, the Q6 E-Tron, towards the end of the year. Skoda is also launching an electric vehicle in the next few months with the Enyaq Coupé.

Tesla's next successful model?

If you prefer something a little more extravagant, then perhaps the Tesla Cybertruck is something for you. To be sure, Tesla has long been a fixture when it comes to electromobility in Switzerland. But the Cybertruck, which is due to be released at the end of the year, with its futuristic appearance is rather less something for the masses.

Electric cars from Asia are pushing into Europe

Toyota will also have electric cars in its portfolio for the first time from 2022: the bZ4X. What is unusual is the generous battery warranty of ten years, compared to the industry standard of eight. Subaru is also bringing its first e-car to Europe in the summer with the Solterra. Hyundai's first electric car is the Genesis GV60, it has a range of 450 km, as does the mid-size SUV from Kia (Niro). The latter is also available as a hybrid version. In Norway, Chinese car manufacturers have already gained a foothold - it is quite possible that one or more manufacturers will also offer electromobility in Switzerland in the coming year. Our guesses for 2022 are Nio with the ES8, Great Wall Motors with the Ora Cat and XPeng. If you are sceptical about these models, try them out as part of a long-term rental. If nothing convinces you, just wait another year: more models have already been announced for 2023.

New electric cars at Carvolution

Of course, Carvolution will also add new electric cars to its range in 2022. With an all-inclusive package: insurance, taxes, cantonal redemption, service and tyres are already included. You drive your own new electric car for a fixed monthly price. It is not yet possible to say exactly which new models will be added to the range in 2022. What is certain is that we will add several new models and brands. Be curious. In the meantime, you can take a look at all our electric vehicles that are currently in the range here.

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