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More and more people are opting for a car on a subscription basis. This is not surprising, because the Carvolution concept, in contrast to buying and leasing, convinces with simplicity, flexibility and clearly calculable total costs. The monthly car subscription price includes everything: insurance, taxes, cantonal redemption, service and tyres.

The car subscription is considered a simple and inexpensive alternative to buying and leasing a car. Prof. Ferdinand Dudenhöffer of the CAR Center in Duisburg recently said in the Handelsblatt: "The car subscription is simple, transparent and inexpensive for the customer." The comparison platform Comparis and the consumer magazine Saldo also confirm that the car subscription pays off in many cases. Because the monthly fixed price includes everything to do with the car, Carvolution customers only have to refuel or charge their car themselves. The following explains how to select a car on subscription and have it delivered to your door in just a few clicks.

Choose your car online

More than 35 of the latest models from various brands are available on From small cars to SUVs and electric cars, customers can choose exactly the car that suits their needs. All cars from Carvolution are well equipped, assistance and safety systems ensure that a safe journey is guaranteed. The car can either be selected directly online or customers can receive advice by telephone or via video call. The next step is to configure the subscription. How long should the car be driven? 3, 6, 12 or 48 months? How many kilometres will be driven per month? Customers also choose the monthly kilometre package themselves, this can then be adjusted monthly at any time via the app, which means you never pay too much or too little, but only as much as you need. Last but not least, the deductible for the comprehensive insurance is selected.

Delivered to your doorstep

Once the customer has decided on a car, the contract is signed online. With the payment of the first invoice, the car is reserved and prepared for delivery, meaning that the car is redeemed and the number plates are ordered. If desired, it is delivered to the doorstep. If the car is in stock, it usually takes 10 working days until the customer can take delivery of the car. During the handover, a specialist explains everything about the car in detail.

Service and tyre change

Carvolution works with hundreds of partner garages to save customers long journeys. This means that everything runs smoothly when changing tyres. When signing a contract, customers choose a partner garage so that Carvolution can organise tyre delivery and storage directly with the partner garage. When it is time for a tyre change, customers can contact the garage and make an appointment on their own. If a service or even a repair is necessary, this can be done free of charge at a partner garage. Since everything related to the car, including service and tyre changes is included in the subscription, there is no bill.


Carvolution counts on complete transparency and digital processes, that’s why the young company has developed an app for customers to manage their subscription. This way, the subscription is always quickly at hand. Customers find an overview of paid invoices and kilometres driven. If they want to change their kilometre package, they can easily do so in the app with just a few clicks. Damage or accidents can also be reported directly in the app. The damage is recorded with Mobiliar, a pick-up and drop-off service is now offered. The collection of the damaged car is coordinated and customers receive a replacement car for the duration of the repair.

Simple, flexible and clearly calculable

At Carvolution, customers can choose from 35 models of various brands to find a new car that is optimally equipped. They can decide for themselves how long they want to drive it, be it 3 months or 3 years. This way they are flexible and can adapt the car to their needs. A small car for the city in summer, an SUV for the mountains in winter or a family van for the next year or two. Many also appreciate the cost transparency and the knowledge that they pay the same amount for their car every month thanks to the all-inclusive bundle.

Deals with down payment

With our down payment deals, you benefit from an even lower car subscription price. Discover various brands and receive your non-binding offer!

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