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You have found your dream car at Carvolution? That's great. The next step is to configure the subscription and make the payment. But how exactly does the payment work? Are there any requirements? And are there any additional costs when returning the car? Learn all about it in the blog.


In order to be able to drive a car with a Carvolution car subscription, there are one or two requirements. First, you need a residence in Switzerland and a valid driver's license of Switzerland or Lichtenstein of category B. Do you have a foreign driver's license? No problem, we check it and make sure that it is approved for Swiss roads. Before the contract is signed, we check all your details and your creditworthiness, if you have any debt collection or loss certificates, we unfortunately have to reject your request.

The payment

If there are no problems with your information and your driver's license is approved for Swiss roads, the next step is the payment. Before delivery you will be charged a one-time initial fee of 390 CHF, this covers the redemption and the order of your license plates. In addition, you will pay two monthly invoices, these payments are made in advance because we don’t require any security or deposit.

After that you will receive a monthly invoice, you can pay it by bank transfer or by credit card and since you paid 2 monthly bills when you signed the contract, you won’t have to pay the last month of your subscription. For example, if your subscription expires in December, you only pay until November, because the December invoice is already covered by the first payment.

Calculating the kilometers

When you sign up for a subscription, you select your monthly mileage package yourself. In the app, you can see how many kilometers you have already driven. If you notice that you drive more or less than your mileage package, you can adjust it yourself in the app.

The kilometers are only checked when you return the car, this because we understand that in some months you drive a bit more and in others a little less. Especially during vacations, you might need to use your car a great deal and in other monthsyou might notneed your car much. If you drive more than your mileage package covers, the extra mileage will be charged to your final bill.

What are the costs for returning the car?

For the return of your Carvolution car you may arrange a return date and bring the car to Bannwil and together with you, we will check the traces of use and possible damages, which will be compared with the condition of the car at the handover at the beginning of the subscription. Traces of use are considered normal wear and tear and have no influence on the value of the vehicle at the appropriate age and mileage, these signs can usually be repaired by cleaning or normal reconditioning.

The situation is different in the case of damage, as this reduces the value of the car and requires more extensive reconditioning or repair. The costs will be charged after the return of the car. Heavy contamination in the interior, which can only be removed by special cleaning, will also be charged. Damage that falls within your deductible or is not covered by comprehensive insurance will be repaired and charged to you at the end.In general, we recommend that you clean the car or have it cleaned before returning it.

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