The old station wagon has finally given up and you need a new car? The only question is how? Buy a new car? This involves high costs. Leasing? It will be difficult for a retired person. Many leasing companies do not offer this option to senior citizens. The fear is too high that the retiree will die or need care before the end of the leasing contract and will no longer be able to pay the monthly payments. What other alternative is there?

The car subscription

Driving a car on a subscription basis is the right alternative for everyone. This also applies to retired persons. With a car subscription, you don't have to make a large down payment as you would when buying a car. With a car subscription, you no longer have to commit yourself for at least three years, as you would with a leasing. The car subscription is the simplest alternative for driving your own car. Because you drive it exactly as long as you want and with the monthly fixed price you always have an overview of the total costs of your car.

A new car

As a pensioner you have the possibility to choose between different cars. Finally living out the dream of the electric car? No problem. An elevated car that makes getting in and out more comfortable? As a senior, you will be able to drive the car you want and that meets your needs thanks to personal advice. What is important is a good all-round visibility, easy entry and exit, comfort and equipment.
The duration of the car subscription starts from 3 months. During this period, you will be able to notice whether the car suits you and whether it offers sufficient visibility on the road. Is the electronic equipment easy to understand? Is the driving position suitable for you ? You can test all these things in peace and quiet and see if they meet your needs.

Cars for retired people

  • The VW Tiguan is very popular with senior citizens. This is due to the fact that getting in and out is easier and the seats are higher. But technology does not disappoint either: multifunction steering wheel, active parking assistance, rear view camera and parking sensors help you drive.
  • Nissan Leaf e+ Tekna: This electric car with urban design convinces with low consumption and high performance. Here, too, the various safety assistants are worth highlighting for pensioners. With the drowsiness detection, blind spot assistant and speed limiter, you simply feel comfortable in this car.

All-inclusive service

As a senior, you usually have other things on your mind or to do than changing your tyres, for example. That's why Carvolution's all-inclusive service takes care of everything. You do not have to worry about anything. The monthly fixed price includes everything and there are no extra charges. You always have an overview of the costs of your car and more time to go golfing in the Mercedes C-Class or drive your grandchildren to the zoo in the BMW Gran Tourer. You will also find an overview of Carvolution and the car subscription.


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