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Your old estate car has given up the ghost and you need a new one? The only question is how? Buy a new car? That comes with high costs. Leasing? That's difficult for pensioners. Many leasing companies do not lease to pensioners. The fear is too high that the pensioner will die before the leasing contract is signed or that he or she will become dependent and no longer be able to pay the leasing instalment. What other alternatives are there?

The car subscription

The car subscription is the simple and inexpensive alternative to buying and leasing for pensioners. You don't have to make a large down payment, as is the case with buying a car. You also don't have to commit to driving the car for 3 or 4 years, as is the case with leasing.

With a car subscription from Carvolution, everything related to the car is included: insurance, taxes, cantonal redemption, service and tyres. A fixed monthly price is paid. The "car" budget is therefore always fixed and the costs are always in view. Pensioners can choose how long they want to drive their car. Be it only 3 months or up to 4 years. Once the minimum term has expired, they can simply continue to drive their car, exchange it for another one or simply return it.

How does it work?

On, you can choose the right car from over 40 models of various brands. How long the car will be driven, how many kilometres will be covered and how high the deductible of the comprehensive insurance should be, is decided by the senior citizens themselves. Once the car is in stock, it is refurbished and redeemed within 10 working days and can be delivered to the front door if desired. The car is delivered with new number plates. If you have valuable plates, we will be happy to help you deposit them.

In everyday life, your new car from Carvolution is just like your own. For a tyre change, you can drive to one of over 600 tyre partner garages. You make the appointment yourself, the correct tyres are ordered by the garage, so you can make the appointment when it suits you best. The cars are new or as good as new. However, if the light on the dashboard comes on and a service is needed, you can simply drive to a partner garage and show the Carvolution service card. This is also included in the all-inclusive bundle and there are no further costs. If damage occurs or an accident occurs, Mobi24, Mobiliar's assistance service, is always there to help. Damage can be reported directly in the app. Carvolution or the garage responsible will contact you directly.

Checklist for a senior citizen's car

As a pensioner, you can choose between different cars. Finally living out the dream of an electric car? No problem. A car with an elevated entry and exit? With personal advice, you as a pensioner will find the car you want to drive in your old age that suits your needs. In addition to good all-round visibility, comfortable entry and exit, the loading sill height, an automatic transmission, comfort, equipment and assistance systems are also important.

  • Seat height: minivans and SUVs are predestined for older drivers. The seats in the cockpit and the passenger seat are installed relatively high. This also ensures good all-round visibility as well as good visibility when parking and overtaking.
  • Loading sill height: low-slung luggage compartment floors are important for back-friendly loading. Minivans or small cars are particularly suitable for this.
  • Safety systems: It is almost impossible to imagine modern cars without assistance and safety systems. They make it increasingly easier and safer to drive. The blind spot assistant, traffic sign recognition and distance cruise control are particularly worthy of mention here.
  • Automatic transmission: stepping on the clutch pedal becomes superfluous and changing gears is no longer such a distraction. With an automatic transmission, be it a petrol or an electric car, driving becomes easier.

A car subscription starts at 3 months. During this time, you can see whether the car suits you and whether you have a good view of the road, for example. Are the electronics understandable? Does the seating position fit? You can test all this out at your leisure.

Cars for pensioners

  • The VW Touran is very popular with senior citizens. This is because of the easier entry and exit and the higher seating position. But the technology doesn't let you down with this car either: multifunction steering wheel, active parking aid, reversing camera and parking sensors help you drive.
  • Peugeot e-208: this electric car with urban design convinces with low consumption and high performance. Here, too, the various safety assistants are worth highlighting for pensioners. With the distance cruise control, the blind spot assistant and the traffic sign recognition, you simply feel comfortable in this car.
  • The Ford Puma is an SUV, but not too big. It is the ideal size and also has a slightly raised seating position. Comfort is provided by the heated steering wheel, ambient lighting and heated front seats. Senior citizens feel particularly comfortable in this car because the driver assistance systems support them while driving. So they always arrive safely at their destination.
  • The Ford Fiesta is a small car that is spacious and for all those pensioners who prefer to drive a smaller car. The sports seats are very comfortable and with its 125 hp, the city runabout is dynamic on the road. When you arrive at your destination, the reversing camera and parking sensors help you navigate safely into the parking space.
  • With the Tesla Model Y, you have an unrestricted view of the road thanks to the low dashboard and the elevated seating position. This compact SUV has a glass roof, so you're that little bit closer to the sun or stars. The Tesla is a car that is very pleasant to drive and exudes a high level of comfort.

    All-inclusive service from Carvolution

    As a pensioner, you usually have other things on your mind than changing tyres or dealing with insurance bills. A new car should be equipped with all the facets that a car for pensioners should have. You can find such a car at Carvolution. Thanks to the all-inclusive bundle, you don't have to worry about anything to do with the car, just choose your ideal car, take delivery of it and drive off. Drive to the golf course, pick up the grandchildren from school or do the weekly shopping. Just because buying or leasing a car is no longer an option doesn't mean that you have to give up driving as a pensioner. If you have any questions or uncertainties, our sales team will be happy to help you.

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