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The Top 100 Swiss Startup Award is given out every year. The top 100 Swiss startups were in the running and the competition was fierce. It's incredible that we took 5th place! And that's three years after our foundation!

The top three places

Switzerland is considered the country of start-ups par excellence. The annual award is therefore a good opportunity to discover the “crème de la crème”.

First place goes to Planted Foods AG. As the name suggests, the company produces meat from plants, thus avoiding the use of animals. Cutiss came second. The start-up reproduces human skin in the laboratory for burn victims, among others. And in third place is 9T Labs AG. Thanks to its exclusive additive fusion technology, the start-up enables the mass production of lightweight, high-strength composite parts.

Carvolution in 5th place

In 2018 Carvolution was ranked 60th, in 2019 31st, in 2020 12th and three years after our foundation we are ranked a sensational 5th! Since 2018, we have moved up 55 places. This is absolutely crazy and of course makes us very happy!

The reason for this is certainly that the car subscription is becoming more and more known and popular. Our customers appreciate our service and the fact that they can simply get behind the wheel and go on an adventure.

Carvolution, a strong team

The sky is the limit - our team now consists of 66 employees. Each and every one of them contributes to the continuous growth and improvement of Carvolution. So it's no surprise that our customers enjoy an excellent customer experience.

They appreciate the all-inclusive package and the peace of mind of not having to worry about anything regarding their car. With the fixed monthly price, they always have their costs in view and can adjust their subscription according to their needs through the app. Adjusting the kilometrage package? Directly in the app. Report damage or an accident? Directly in the app. Billing overview? Also directly in the app.

Of course, we continue to do our best every day and are already looking forward to participating in next year's Top 100 Swiss Startup Award.

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