The fact that many people no longer travel only by train or only by car is commonplace. Combined mobility is becoming increasingly popular in Switzerland. The car subscription pioneer Carvolution is keeping up with the times and is offering a free Micro e-scooter with a Ford Puma subscription.

Why is there a free Micro e-scooter with a car subscription?

With its car subscription concept, Carvolution offers a simple, flexible and affordable alternative to buying and leasing a car. However, the young company sees itself not only as a car subscription provider, but also as a mobility provider. Customers are at the centre of the young company and since they often ask for mobility beyond cars, such as e-scooters, motorbikes or even boats, the attempt has now been launched to add a Micro e-scooter to the car subscription. In this way, Carvolution is responding directly to feedback or suggestions for improvement from customers and is offering an e-scooter for the first time.

At Carvolution, customers choose their own new car from over 40 models of various brands. Everything about the car is included: insurance, taxes, tyres and more. All customers have to do is fill up the tank or charge the car. There is a choice of small cars, SUVs, wagons, limousines or vans as petrol, diesel, hybrid or electric cars. So there is a car for everyone.

The new car can be selected online in just a few clicks on and the subscription has to be configured. This includes the choice of kilometres (this can be adjusted monthly in the app itself), the minimum duration of the subscription (between 3 and 48 months), the deductible for the insurance and the canton of residence because of the cantonal registration.

Having your own car on subscription you can save a lot of money, because the subscription costs are usually much lower than the total costs of buying a new car or leasing. Why? Carvolution buys cars, tyres and insurance in large quantities and can therefore pass on the bulk discounts directly to customers.

A Ford Puma with free Micro e-scooter

When you order a Ford Puma ST-Line X MHEV, you get a Micro e-scooter worth CHF 849 for free. This applies to orders with a minimum duration of 12 months. The e-scooter does not have to be returned at the end of the subscription, but can be kept. As there is only a certain number of e-scooters available at the moment, it is worth being quick.

The Micro company is characterised by urbanity and futurism. It is therefore the ideal partner for Carvolution. Choosing the Ford Puma as the car for this campaign was a conscious decision, rooted in the SUV's popularity and functionality. Not only is it a frequently chosen car, but it is also a practical city car and a family car at the same time - the perfect all-rounder. In combination with the Micro e-scooter, it is now possible to go the last mile.

Free Micro e-scooter only with the Ford Puma?

The e-scooter is currently only available with the Ford Puma. Since Carvolution first wants to find out how it is received by customers, the promotion is being tested with only one car. However, it is quite possible that the product will be developed further if the campaign is successful, the customers are satisfied and the demand for e-scooters increases. At the moment, however, the focus is on understanding the demand.

Combined mobility

Carvolution is in tune with the spirit of the times, because combined mobility is on everyone's lips. In Switzerland in particular, many people use not only their car but also the train, an e-scooter, their bicycle or even walk for a while. Carvolution, the car subscription pioneer, also knows that mobility is multifaceted. At the beginning of 2022, the young company took over the SBB Green Class from SBB, which is now called Carvolution Green Class.

Carvolution clearly wants to keep the focus on the car subscription, but at the same time remain close to customer needs. Therefore, questions or suggestions or feedback can be given to Carvolution at any time. In this way, the young company remains innovative and can put feedback into practice.

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