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In addition to the financial attractiveness of the car subscription, there are other convincing arguments: the all-inclusive bundle, the flexibility both during the subscription and when changing vehicles, as well as the diverse possibilities for private and business use. Find out in the blog what you can do with the subscription.

No hassle with the all-inclusive bundle

With your car subscription, you not only get the vehicle, but also the Carvolution service. From fully comprehensive insurance to registration, taxes, service & maintenance and tyres, everything is included. For you, this means less effort and more financial security and freedom.

Try out different models

Carvolution usually has at least 50 models of different brands to choose from, so there is something for every need. With flexible durations, you can also choose whether you want to drive the car for 3 months or 4 years. If you want to test different models, you can change your vehicle every 6 to 12 months, for example. This option is just as attractive for seasonal needs. A four-wheel drive SUV for the winter in the mountains, a sports car for the summer or a van for long road trips. No problem, the subscription adapts to your needs.

Explore abroad with your car subscription

Would you like to visit relatives abroad, go on a road trip or simply go on holiday? All this is possible with the Carvolution car subscription. Your car subscription must be driven mainly in Switzerland (this is due to the applicable laws and is no different with a purchased or leased car), but you can of course take short trips or holidays with your car. You can find all the information about insurance cover and important tips for driving abroad in the General Terms and Conditions.

Using the car subscription for business purposes

The Carvolution car subscription is also suitable for business customers. Vehicles can be used for the company and its employees, whether temporarily for a few months or long-term for several years. Whether one car or a whole fleet, Carvolution has the right offer for business clients. Branding or foiling of the car is of course also possible. Find out everything about subscriptions for business use.

Car subscription with best price guarantee

Thanks to the monthly all-inclusive fixed price, you are also financially secure with the subscription and do not have to factor in any unexpected costs. In addition, the residual value and resale risk is eliminated. And the best thing is that with Carvolution you not only get a first-class car subscription, but also the certainty that you benefit from the lowest total costs for your car. Carvolution even gives you the best price guarantee. Compared to the total costs of a lease, the car subscription is always the most attractive solution in terms of price.

Request an offer and benefit from advantages

It's not just the financial advantages that make the car subscription so special, but also its simplicity and flexibility. Convince yourself of the large selection of vehicles and the unique service.

Deals with down payment

With our down payment deals, you benefit from an even lower car subscription price. Discover various brands and receive your non-binding offer!

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