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The Bannwil train station will be renamed Carvolution. In addition to the renaming, the stop on demand will be cancelled, so that the so-called "Bipperlisi" will stop regularly in Bannwil, now Carvolution.

Bannwil, April 2023 - Until now, the station between Aarwangen Schloss and Holzhäusern was called "Bannwil" - fitting for the village of the same name. For a week now, the station has been renamed to Carvolution and the stop on demand has been adapted to a regular stop. There are several reasons for the renaming. On the one hand, the majority of Carvolution employees as well as customers who pick up their cars travel daily by train to the headquarters of the young company, which is adjacent to the railway station. Secondly, the Oberaargau region wants to send a signal to young companies.

The renaming is supported and welcomed by the region. Aare Seeland mobil, which has successfully operated the so-called "Bipperlisi" for over 100 years, was initially surprised by the request, but was eventually convinced by the arguments. It was a friendly and strong signal from the region towards young companies. The village of Bannwil, which has witnessed the development of Carvolution for years, also supports the initiative. Bannwil is a small village with perfect transport connections. The fact that Carvolution has settled here is a great development, and therefore such initiatives must be supported. Because, as Carvolution likes to say: Bannwil is our Silicon Valley.

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