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Is it time to return your car subscription? If you have reached the maximum term of your car subscription, or you cancel within one month of the minimum term, the car will normally be returned to us. The only exception to this is if you buy the car. When it comes to returning the car, there are many questions and uncertainties. We play with open cards and explain everything you need to know about returning your car in this blog article. Let's start with when the car has to be returned, who carries out the return and how it works.

When do I have to return the car?

If the maximum term has been reached, or you decide to return the car yourself, we will contact you by e-mail to find a suitable return date. If the date does not suit you, we will find another date. Returns before the deadline are generally not a problem.

If the date is postponed, three days after the actual end of your subscription is still within the tolerance range. If you have decided to take out a follow-up subscription straight away, we will of course do our best to ensure that you can collect your new car when you return it.

Who handles the return in Bannwil?

Once we have welcomed you and your car in Bannwil, the team of independent experts from the XpertCenter will take over. It is important to us that a car return is carried out professionally and to a high standard. At the moment, we can only guarantee this quality standard in Bannwil, where we have the necessary infrastructure, including a lifting platform. This enables the team to carry out a smooth return together with you.

How does the return process work in Bannwil?

The XpertCenter team will look at the car together with you and define the condition according to our return standards. A distinction is made between accepted and unaccepted damage.

If unaccepted damage is found in addition to accepted damage, defects or signs of use, the repair costs will be calculated. Unaccepted damage includes defects or vehicle damage resulting from improper use, use other than for the intended purpose, above-average wear and tear, accident damage or missing equipment. These have the effect of reducing the residual value of the vehicle.

You will then receive a return protocol which will clearly show any accepted and unaccepted damage to your vehicle. All information about the car return process can be found in detail on our car return page. Our return standards with a transparent definition of acceptable and unacceptable damage can be found on this page.

Questions about the car return

Have you read something on the Internet about car returns and are sceptical? We play with open cards! Get in touch with us so that we can show you pictures of the corresponding return. We know that final invoices are never great. At the same time, however, we also rely on the fact that we repair vehicles in poor condition professionally. Of course, all our customers are free to have any damage repaired themselves before returning the car.

How long should I calculate for the car return?

The car return usually takes about 45–60 minutes.

What happens after the return?

After the handover, you can enjoy a cup of coffee or tea and have a look at the latest cars in our garage. Then you can either take the train, the station is right next to our garage in Bannwil, or be picked up by car.

Within two weeks of returning the car and completing the return protocol, you may receive a final invoice for any unaccepted damage. Most follow-up invoices only include the settlement of a few additional kilometres or minor damage. In addition, the depreciation of the car over the years (subscription period) is always included in the calculation.

This is important to note before returning the vehicle

The car should be returned clean and with a full tank of fuel. You should also remember to remove your personal belongings from the storage compartments and take them with you. All accessories that were initially delivered with the vehicle - or possibly also during the period of use - are also part of the vehicle when it is returned. These include:

  • Original vehicle registration document

  • All keys including master, spare and, where available, workshop keys.

  • All original documents such as operating instructions, logbooks, exhaust maintenance document and the completed service booklet.

  • Data carriers and audio accessories

  • Vehicle accessories such as battery charging cable with adapters and bag, load compartment cover, complete trailer coupling with key and more

  • Additional wheels

  • Rim locks including the key and the complete emergency equipment supplied with the vehicle

You can find a complete and detailed list of what you need to consider when returning the vehicle here.

Carvolution - After the return is before the pick-up

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