Mercedes C-Class.

Sporty, elegant exterior and noble interior packed with technology. The Mercedes estate car has everything to convince. Find out what makes this real gem so special.

A visual treat

The exterior of the C-Class is immediately obvious. The latest model in the mid-size car range comes from the AMG equipment line. This gives the station wagon a look that is both sporty and sophisticated. The whole thing is rounded off by the “Night” package, which wraps the exterior mirrors and roof struts in a noble black and provides darkened windows at the front and rear.

The model from Carvolution is also equipped with the Multibeam headlights. A total of 84 high-power LED chips per headlight provide the best possible illumination with the maximum permitted brightness and do not fall below the reference value of 1 lux after 650m. The automatic high beam system allows driving with maximum illumination while not dazzling oncoming cars. In practice, this system has convinced us completely so far, makes everyday life much easier and always ensures maximum safety thanks to optimal visibility.

Stylish and comfortable interior

The interior is where the Mercedes C-Class really shines, thanks to the many options chosen by Carvolution. Typical of Mercedes, the car is stylish and harmonious. The leatherette seats are not only nice to look at, but also very comfortable and offer good support on the sides. Electronically adjustable, the comfort package is further enhanced by a continuously adjustable 4-way lumbar support, allowing the seat to be adjusted even more precisely in the lower back area. The rear seats are also extremely comfortable and, thanks to the large distance between them and the roof, even tall people can sit comfortably in the back.

Plenty of space

The trunk has a capacity of 490 litres, and when the rear seat is folded down - which is also possible from the trunk with an electronic folding mechanism - the Mercedes has a volume of 1510 litres. A single folded seat is more than enough for all winter sports equipment and luggage, plus 3 additional passengers. The rear door can be opened and closed electronically - even remotely with the key.

Technology as far as the eye can see

The update, that came with the Mercedes facelift, is also clearly noticeable from inside. On the one hand, the speedometer has been replaced by a fully digital display, which can be completely customized to suit your mood. A really strong feature: in addition to speed, you can also display media and navigation information, including a large map on the dashboard in addition to the large 10-inch widescreen in the middle. Thanks to the new steering wheel with touch sensors, operating both screens is child’s play.The system is not only intuitive, but also precise. You can make any adjustment in and around the car without ever taking your hands off the steering wheel or your eyes off the road.

Performance that fits!

The C-Class, as you find it at Carvolution, is the 220d 4Matic. The diesel engine, which complies with the latest Euro 6 standards, delivers 194 hp, with a torque of 400 Nm, which is already fully effective at the typically low 1600 rpm of a diesel. The smart all-wheel drive system distributes the power to the wheels according to your needs. The Mercedes is also equipped with a 48W system with starter generator. This system recovers energy during braking and also ensures an almost imperceptible restart of the engine in traffic. Gear changes are made via a 9-speed automatic transmission and, if desired, manually with shift paddles.

On the road - the driving behaviour

But what does this mean for everyday driving behaviour? According to Mercedes, fuel consumption is just under 6 litres per 100 km. In everyday life, this is rather 6,5l, especially when the driving style tends to be sporty. For a vehicle of this size with an engine of this power, this is still very reasonable. Thanks to the larger 66-litre fuel tank, which is integrated in the Carvolution Mercedes, this means that a range of just over 1000 kilometres is absolutely feasible. This saves you from having to stop too regularly at the petrol station and even long distances are easy to cover.The noise level inside is extremely low when driving quietly.

The highlight on long journeys, even in traffic jams, is the improved camera and radar systems, which enable the C-Class to drive partially automated in even more situations. This means that you can stay in your lane in combination with cruise control and overtake automatically, just as you did before with the S-Class. But these systems also have a positive effect on country roads. When cruise control is activated, the car anticipates the situation and automatically slows down before taking sharp bends and roundabouts. The chassis of the AMG line is slightly lowered (15 mm) and tighter, but remains extremely comfortable at all times - both on winding roads and at high speeds. Handling is extremely direct. The steering has excellent responsiveness and adapts to the selected driving mode (Eco, Comfort, Sport, and Sport+).

In short:

  • Great interior design
  • Strong assistance systems
  • Plenty of space for all passengers
  • High quality finishes
  • Very enjoyable driving experience
  • Unfortunately no MBUX integration yet
  • No dual clutch transmission

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