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The VW Polo was for a long time in the shadow of the VW Golf. With its new design, it is dangerously close to it. The VW Polo is a compact car with a solid appearance and state-of-the-art technology. As with the VW Golf, the Polo was named after the sport of the same name. The VW thus gives the impression of driving in a sports car.

First impressions

Although this car has a minimalist design, it has a lot of style. At VW, you simply know what you get in terms of quality and technology. The Polo is available in a 5-door version and its name as a city car suits it perfectly. This car is easy to handle and agile. It drives every curve in the city or in the country with a lot of safety. There is also enough space in the boot: you can carry your picnic for a barbecue in the forest or your luggage for your vacation. The small car can be used for all your needs, which is why it is considered an all-rounder from VW.


With the VW Polo, nothing was left out. The entertainment system is well integrated. Apple Car Play or Android Auto are also available, as is now the case in almost all new cars. The road overview is excellent and the safety standards with distance cruise control, active brake assist and ABS (anti-lock braking system) are included. But there are also a number of other features installed to make driving, or the driving experience, easier and more comfortable - for example the start-stop function or front seat heating.

Space available

There is enough space for five people. For longer distances, you can sit comfortably in the VW Polo with sufficient legroom. VW has not forgotten the passengers in the back seat. Two USB ports have been installed so that you can charge your mobile phone easily and conveniently. The VW Polo, just like the other VW vehicles, is equipped with many practical extras.


VW’s 95 HP engine is quite sufficient for a car of this size. It responds well and safely to the accelerator pedal, all with a manual operated clutch. Thanks to its very short gear changes, the Polo can be driven in a sporty manner. It is equipped with an economical engine: The number one criterion for a city car.

Driving pleasure

It's quiet inside, which is not common in compact cars, where the atmosphere can quickly become loud. This is not the case with the VW Polo, which definitely enhances the driving experience. The steering wheel reacts pleasantly and directly, it is not too stiff. The additional functions on the steering wheel are easy to operate and are in the right place.


Are you looking for a car with a nice interior? A small, practical car of high standard? Then the VW Polo is just right for you. It lives up to its sporty name. The driving experience is dynamic and the brand did not skimp on the technology of this city car.

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