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A Change for the "SBB Green Class". As of January 1st 2022. Carvolution will take over this offer. Customers will benefit from a holistic solution, because vehicle management will also be handled by Carvolution. SBB still provides the public transport component and thus remains part of the solution for individual, combined mobility.

As of January 1st 2022, Carvolution will take over the SBB Green Class with all existing customers. The Green Class brand name will be transferred to Carvolution. Carvolution has extensive knowledge and expertise in the vehicle market, and distribution, as well as the necessary logistics.

Carvolution and SBB are looking forward to the further development of SBB Green. Class, so that the offer can continue to grow. With Carvolution, customers have a professional contact when it comes to their vehicles, and at the same time they will continue to benefit from the existing public transport services. What was once a small innovation project has developed into a sought-after product on the market. The idea for SBB Green Class was born at a time when little was known about the combination of different modes of transport and increased flexibility of mobility services. SBB Green Class was ahead of its time. The range of available electric cars has been steadily expanded over the years and the product has become more and more popular. So popular, in fact, that it also aroused great interest from corporate clients, fleet providers and car rental companies.  

Carvolution is the largest car subscription provider in Switzerland. Founded in 2018, the young company started with the idea of making it easier and cheaper for everyone to own a car. Today, the car subscription pioneer offers a wide range of cars in Switzerland in an all-inclusive package. With the takeover of SBB Green Class, this all-inclusive package will be supplemented by the valuable component of public transport. Combined mobility offers many advantages. Energy consumption and emissions caused by traffic are reduced. The versatile range of different modes of transport makes it possible to organise one's journey as individually and flexibly as possible.

Nothing will change for existing SBB Green Class customers. Your SBB Green Class subscription is available at the same conditions as before. You will continue to benefit from sustainable door-to-door mobility from a single source. New customers can book the offer directly with Carvolution. Carvolution will continue to bundle SBB's services and take care of the customer service.

The Carvolutin Green Class product is currently being further developed for you and will be available again soon.

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