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Every season brings its own specific characteristics and challenges, and the same applies to car maintenance. A well-maintained car is an indispensable companion that will guide you safely and reliably through snowstorms, sunny days and everything in between. In this article, we'll take you on a journey through the seasons to make sure your car is well prepared for each of them.

Winter: Prepared for cold and darkness

In winter, road conditions are often unpredictable and low temperatures can affect your car's performance. It is therefore important that you prepare the car appropriately for this cold season to ensure safety and reliability.

The winter checklist:

  • Winter tyres: Winter tyres with sufficient tread are essential for good grip on snow-covered roads.

  • Tyre pressure: Check regularly, as cold air changes the pressure.

  • Test the battery: Nothing is more annoying than a car that won't start in the freezing cold in the morning.

  • Top up antifreeze: Protect your engine from freezing up.

  • New windscreen wipers: Ensure a clear view and prevent you from losing sight in the snow

  • Heater and defroster: Check so you don't have to freeze.

  • Check the lights: Especially in the dark season, it is essential that you have good visibility. And to be seen.

  • Emergency equipment: Ice scraper, blankets and torch belong in every car in winter.

Spring: the season of renewal

Spring brings warmer temperatures and the world comes to life. It's the ideal time to check your car for damage and carry out preventive maintenance.

The spring checklist:

  • Tyres: Inspect your winter tyres for any damage and fit summer tyres.

  • Wheel alignment and suspension: A wheel alignment and a check of the suspension for damage will keep you on the safe side.

  • Check brakes

  • Fluids: Top up oil, coolant and windscreen washer fluid.

  • Air conditioning: It can get quite warm in spring, so make sure the air conditioning is working.

  • Exterior cleaning: It's time for a spring clean. Remove salt residue and dirt and spruce up your car.

Summer: Let the heat come!

Summer brings high temperatures and strong sunlight, which places special demands on your car. These summer conditions require special attention to vehicle maintenance to ensure both comfort and safety for the driver and car

The summer checklist:

  • Tyres: Check the tyre pressure to prevent them from bursting. You should adjust them accordingly, especially for longer journeys.

  • Regular checks: Heat can be quite challenging for your car. Therefore, check the battery, battery, belts and hoses regularly for heat-related damage.

  • Air conditioning: It should definitely work at 30 degrees in the shade.

  • Top up the summer washer fluid: This is the best way to remove insect residues, bird droppings and residues from dusty roads.

Autumn: preparing for winter

Autumn is a transitional period in which you should prepare your car for the lower temperatures and changeable weather conditions of winter.

The autumn checklist:

  • Tyres: Check the tyre tread and change to winter tyres if necessary.

  • Battery: Test the battery for cold resistance.

  • Small check: A look at the brakes, heating, lights and windscreen wipers helps to avoid nasty surprises.

With these checklists, you'll be well prepared all year round and can rest assured that your car is just as ready for any adventure as you are. Whether it's a drive through a snowy forest or a coastal road in summer, your car will always be ready for action!

Advantages of a car subscription

At Carvolution, we offer around 50 different models at a fixed monthly price in an all-in-one package. In addition to the car, this includes the costs for insurance, registration, taxes, service, maintenance and tyres.

Your car is therefore well looked after and covered at all times with the subscription. As our cars are exclusively new or as good as new, you don't have to worry about additional checks, especially at the beginning of your subscription period.

However, every season has its own demands on the car and it is basically up to you how regularly you have which check-ups carried out. You are therefore welcome to go wild with the listed seasonal checks. However, these are not automatically included in the Carvolution car subscription.

Nevertheless, in addition to service and maintenance, you also benefit from other decisive advantages:

  • Summer and winter tyres are also included with Carvolution. This means that you do not incur any costs for tyre changes, storage or wear and tear.

  • Damage repairs are covered by comprehensive insurance; you only pay an excess per claim.

You can find more information about the car subscription here.

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