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The need for a car for less than a year can arise in various life situations. Be it during professional projects, a temporary internship, a test phase before a possible purchase or something similar. In this blog, you can find out what options there are for having access to a car for short periods of time and why a car subscription is the best option in most cases.

There are various options available for using a car for short periods of time. While traditional car rental is usually used for short periods of a few hours or days, the car-sharing model is suitable for longer, though only sporadic, use. Buying a used car and then selling it after a certain period of time is also an option that can be considered. Leasing for such short periods is very unusual and is rarely offered. Carvolution's car subscription offers a balanced middle ground between all these solutions. The advantages and disadvantages of the individual options are explained in more detail below.

Classic car rental

Car rental services provide vehicles for varying short to medium-term periods. This option makes it possible to choose the rental period according to specific needs, ranging from a few hours to several weeks. There is also a wide range of vehicle types to choose from. However, short-term rentals can quickly become very expensive and there are no discounts for a long-term commitment.

Car sharing

Car sharing offers a flexible solution for occasional mobility needs. Several people have access to a car without owning it. They can be used for a short period of time, usually a few hours. Car sharing offers flexibility for people who only need a car occasionally, without the commitments and costs of owning a car. The disadvantages, however, are limited availability in certain areas and restricted periods of use per rental period.

Buying a used car

Buying and later selling a used car offers the advantages of long-term ownership and thus the freedom not to be tied to rental contracts and to modify the vehicle according to your own wishes. However, buying a used car does harbour some risks. You can find out what you should look out for here. You also need to consider the inevitable depreciation of the car over time, the responsibility for all maintenance and running costs that fall on the owner, and the time involved in the eventual sale process. If the car is used for less than a year, the cost is usually greater than the benefit.


With classic leasing, vehicles are generally not available for less than one year. Leasing tends to be designed for long contract terms of 36 to 48 or 60 months. Shorter leases do exist, but this is unusual and usually involves very high costs, as the total cost of the car has to be spread over a shorter period. In addition, certain leasing providers may have special conditions for short-term leasing contracts.

Car subscription

The car subscription also scores with flexibility and attractive prices for short terms, and offers an optimal solution for mobility needs of less than one year. An All-in-One subscription is available from three months at a fixed monthly price. This means that the term can be flexibly selected between 3 and 48 months, and therefore for any length of time within a year. Fully comprehensive insurance, taxes, registration, service and maintenance as well as tyres are already included, which means that there is no administrative work for you. With Carvolution, you can choose from around 50 different models to find your ideal car. And thanks to the fixed monthly price, you can clearly calculate the cost of your car for the entire period. The car subscription therefore offers a simple, flexible and affordable solution for your mobility.

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