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The Skoda Enyaq is spacious, beautiful and suitable for everyday use. But this electric car has a lot more to offer. Find out all about the Skoda Enyaq in this blog post and why this electric car is the ideal car.

Electric mobility is becoming increasingly popular and more and more electric cars are entering the market. The Skoda Enyaq iV 80 stands out in particular. The SUV impresses with its range of up to 531 km, its feel-good factor and its assistance systems.

The interior

The first thing you notice when you sit behind the wheel is the generous view of the road, which is also the case for the digital display on the screen: arrows are indicating your speed, distance and navigation announcements.

Looking to the right, the touchscreen above the dashboard is in your field of vision. Here you will see, for example, the navigation system. You also have access to assistance systems such as lane departure warning, drowsiness detection and adaptive cruise control.

In the Skoda Enyaq, you have ideal legroom, headroom and knee room in both the front and rear seats. In fact, the rear seat can even be folded down, giving you a maximum of 1719 litres of luggage space. A very spacious volume for small and medium-sized objects.

The drive

If you press the accelerator, you will notice that the Skoda Enyaq drives smoothly, quickly and comfortably, even on the motorway, where you can really experience the 204 hp. The SUV drives smoothly, even the wind does not bother it. The steering wheel responds well and is pleasant to steer.

With the Skoda Enyaq you can choose between different driving modes: Eco, Normal, Sport or Individual. The Skoda Enyaq is fully customisable.

Charging capacity

In addition to the range, the charging capacity of an electric car is always a very important factor. The Skoda Enyaq can be fully charged in about 7 hours on a wallbox from 11 to 22 kW. A CSS (Combined Charging System) charging station is much faster and can deliver up to 350 kW. It takes about an hour to fully charge the electric car.


The Skoda Enyaq is a fantastic car, whether in the city or the country, as a family car or for everyday use. The 531 km range, the 204 hp and the spacious and comfortable interior convince from the very first second. Are you convinced too? You can find the direct link to the Skoda Enyaq here.

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