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Scratches, dents or stone chips - of course nobody wants to have such damage on their car. But repairing these "blemishes" doesn't cost very little - or does it? Smart Repair is supposed to make quick repairs possible. Find out what it is and how it works here.

A visit to the car repair shop doesn't always cost you a fortune. If the damage is only superficial and not too extensive, it can be easily repaired using Smart Repair. This often saves you several hundred francs.

What is Smart Repair?

The term Smart Repair covers a range of techniques that are used to repair small, superficial damage to cars at low cost. The aim is to repair the damage with the least possible effort. This works as long as the diameter of the scratch or dent is no larger than 20 centimetres. The methods cannot be used to repair damage to drive components or electronics, for example caused by marten damage.

What damage can be repaired with Smart Repair?

In most cases, it is a matter of removing scratches and dents. Partial painting is the method of choice here. Repairing stone chips is also a classic example of Smart Repair. Carglass in particular comes to mind here with its special resin method. If the damage on the windscreen is no bigger than a two-franc piece, it can be repaired quickly for little money. Damage caused to the bodywork is pulled out with special tools as part of Smart Repair. In the case of a scratched rim, the procedure, also known as Spot Repair, does not involve replacing the entire rim, but only repairing the damaged area. However, both the rim and the body cannot be repaired if the scratches are too deep. Spot Repair is almost always carried out directly on the vehicle without dismantling the parts to be repaired. The advantage for the customer is cost savings due to less time in the workshop and less material consumption.

Workshop visit often more expensive than expected

The reason why the cost of repairs for supposedly minor damage is often surprisingly high is the labour time required. Parts and components have to be removed and reinstalled or even completely replaced. In the case of large scratches, spot repairs to the vehicle are not enough; the entire part must be repainted.

Smart Repair not only on the outside of the car

Contrary to popular belief, Smart Repair is not only used for damage to the body or windows. Holes in the seat cover, the trim or the dashboard can also be quickly repaired thanks to this method. If, for example, a cigarette or embers fall on the seat, the affected part does not necessarily have to be replaced. Removing the dashboard alone would take several hours, which would of course be reflected in the price of the repair. Smart repair technology repairs such damage in the shortest possible time with a scalpel, filler and spray gun.

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