Car driving on a Swiss road in the mountain

Sun, cool water and the wind in your hair. What could be better in summer than driving to the mountains, to the lake or to a barbecue at a friend's house? Today in Zurich, tomorrow in Graubünden and at the weekend in Ticino. With your new car from Carvolution, you can drive all over Switzerland without any worries. Find out more about the places you absolutely have to visit with your new car.

Oberer Letten river pool in Zurich

The Letten in Zurich is a hotspot par excellence. The cool water on warm summer days invites you to swim. Let yourself drift in the Limmat and enjoy life. In the boot of your new car you have room for all your swimming gear, floaties and snacks. A small car is best for the city. If you have a lot of luggage, a wagon or SUV is also an ideal solution. You can park your car nearby in multi-storey car parks or in the blue zone.

The Verzasca Valley in Ticino

The Verzasca Valley is famous for the fascinating emerald-green colour of its torrent. The crystal-clear water invites you to swim at any time in summer. But not only the Verzasca Valley is breathtaking, also the drive there. It takes you through the beautiful nature of Ticino. A Ford Fiesta, BMW i3 or BMW X1 is particularly suitable for the winding drives into the valley. When the roads get narrow, you won't have any problems with these small cars.

By car, you can drive to Lavertezzo and admire the famous Roman bridge. Be sure to bring a bathing suit, as the stream has beautiful places to swim.

Aareschlucht in Meiringen

The natural spectacle of the Aare in Meiringen, which meanders at breakneck speed along steep rock faces over a length of 1.5 kilometres, is something everyone should see. The drive to the Aareschlucht alone is also worth the trip. If you value assistance systems, the Mercedes-Benz C-Class, the Polestar 2 or the BMW X-5 is an ideal car for you.

For the entire distance between the Aareschlucht West Entrance and the East Entrance, you should allow about 40 minutes walking time.

Gotthard Pass

The Gotthard Pass is famous all over the world. But it has more to offer than just being the traffic artery to the south. The magnificent high alpine terrain invites you to stop and linger. Historical road architecture and glimpses of old fortifications such as Sasso San Gottardo are the icing on the cake of this excursion. An ideal car for driving the Gotthard Pass is certainly the SUV. A robust car that won't let you down on the winding roads up the Gotthard. In summer, it's not quite as hot on the Gotthard as in the lowlands or Ticino, in case you need to cool down.

Swiss National Park

The oldest national park in the Alps is located in Engadine and has existed for over 100 years. It is a 170 km2 protected area that is ideal for hikes of all kinds. The drive to the Engadine takes you through the beautiful alpine landscape of Switzerland. Mountains and forests help you to switch off and you can already let your soul dangle on the drive there. How about this excursion with an electric car? The VW ID.4 or the Polestar 2 are quite pleasant to drive. There are plenty of parking spaces in front of the Swiss National Park.

Enjoy your summer

As you can see, there are many beautiful places in Switzerland that you can visit with your new car by subscription. Here today, there tomorrow. Pack your things in the boot, fill up your car and off you go. Your adventure will be even more fun thanks to the top-equipped cars from Carvolution.

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