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Road trips enjoy constant popularity. Get in, turn on the music and leave everything behind. Get into the day and out into the world. Road trips are particularly promising in Switzerland. After all, the landscape invites you to do just that. But while many people think of convertibles or (converted) buses as a means of transport, there is another option: the road trip in an SUV!

Especially in winter, a road trip in Switzerland is something very special: picturesque mountain landscapes, glittering powder snow and a bright blue sky. But to enjoy the atmosphere, you need the right car for your road trip, and that's the SUV. If you look around the mountainous regions of the country, you'll find that many of the locals rely on them. And there's a reason for that.

First of all, the raised frame is an advantage in winter. It makes it less likely to get stuck and less susceptible to damage on the underside. Even in fresh snow or at high altitudes, it's easier to get around than other vehicles. On your road trip, the weight of the SUV gives you better control. You'll be safer and less likely to run off the road. The higher seat also gives you better visibility.

The advantage of versatility

Most SUVs are also equipped with four-wheel drive, a big plus in winter. If you really need to, you can leave the road in an SUV and go off the beaten path, snow conditions permitting. That's what makes it the right car for a road trip. To this end, it is an advantage that many SUVs are equipped with modern technological features. This will allow you to choose between different driving modes.

More comfortable than you think

Of course, a camping bus or van have more space, but an SUV is also more comfortable to sleep in than many people think. They are long and the back seat can usually be folded down completely. A sleeping bag and a pad (e.g. a sleeping mat) will keep you warm. Bags, rucksacks and other items can be stored on the front seats during the night. If you are travelling longer or have more luggage for other reasons, you can also store it on the roof. For this purpose, it is a good idea to install a roof box on your SUV. Another option is to install superstructures on the roof in which you sleep. The SUV is ideal for this because of its stability. However, this can be cold if your road trip in Switzerland takes place in winter. So think carefully about whether this is an option for you and how you will keep warm. Another tip: with a panoramic roof, you can relax and fall asleep under the stars without having to freeze.

Your SUV with Carvolution

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