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Better visibility, more comfortable entry, plenty of space, more safety: there are numerous reasons why SUVs are becoming increasingly popular. Compact models in particular are on the rise. Here you will find an overview of the various SUV trends this year.

SUVs were still one of the most popular car categories in 2023. This is unlikely to change in 2024: The demand for modern SUVs suitable for everyday use continues undiminished. They are among the most popular cars because they combine many advantages and come in numerous shapes and colours. Last year's two most popular models were the VW T-Roc and the Tesla Model Y. You can also find these and many other favourites on Carvolution's car subscription.

Mini-SUVs: compact, powerful, practical

The various terms surrounding small SUVs can be confusing. Mini-SUV, Micro-SUV, Compact-SUV or Crossover are the various terms in circulation. But they all mean the same thing: they are vehicle types that offer a raised seating position and have the appearance of off-road vehicles, but are more compact. For industry experts, the trend shows one thing above all: car drivers today make much more pragmatic decisions than they did just a few years ago. Whereas a vehicle used to be a status symbol, now it is supposed to be practical and inexpensive above all. "The car should make everyday life easier and fit changing needs," says Carvolution co-founder Léa Miggiano.

Car manufacturers have long recognised the need for small big cars and have developed corresponding models. Typical examples are the Carvolution bestseller Ford Puma or the Audi Q2. These are classic crossovers that combine the advantages of coupés and SUVs. Of course, the most important thing is that the car fits your own needs. And if your personal needs change, the Carvolution car subscription offers you the flexibility to change cars.

What are the characteristics of compact and mini SUVs?

They usually have an automatic transmission and, unlike most large SUVs, front-wheel drive instead of all-wheel drive, which makes the car lighter and also more economical. The front-wheel drive also comes from the fact that the intended use of mini and compact SUVs is not primarily off-road capability, but everyday traffic.

How does Carvolution sense the trend?

Small SUVs are among the most popular cars. While it used to be the case that the bigger the better, SUVs have become significantly smaller in recent years. This also meets the need in cities, where smaller cars are more agile. Rising petrol prices, lack of space and increased environmental awareness have strengthened the trend towards smaller SUVs. "Our selection of SUVs is so diverse that we have a suitable model for almost everyone," says Léa.

Why smaller SUVs instead of small cars?

Many drivers attach great importance to a high seating position. This facilitates a good overview and thus also increases driving safety. Getting in and out of SUVs is also easier, which is particularly appreciated by older people. For families, the size of the boot plays an important role, so that everyday life does not become an eternal game of Tetris. The large load volume also makes dog owners happy: there is no problem fitting a dog crate in the boot of the mini SUV.

What are the costs of a compact SUV?

On the one hand, the compact design and the absence of all-wheel drive have a lower production and thus sales price. On the other hand, less weight means less fuel consumption. In short: compact or mini SUVs are convincing with their many advantages and yet are easy on the wallet. In terms of price, the smaller SUVs are cheaper than large SUVs, but still somewhat more expensive than small cars.

Are SUVs safer?

Basically, new cars are safer than older models because technology is constantly improving. The elevated seating position in an SUV gives drivers a better overview of the traffic and thus an increased sense of safety. They also have a larger crumple zone.

New models for every taste

The trend towards the electrification of SUVs continues unabated. More and more manufacturers are launching new electric SUVs on the market that are characterised by a long range and appealing performance. Highlights include the Audi Q4 e-tron and Q4 e-tron Sportback Facelift. The two electric SUVs from Audi were extensively revised in 2023 and now offer an even greater range. The design has also been modernised and the interior equipped with new technologies.

With the Ioniq 5 N, Hyundai launches the sporty version of the Hyundai Ioniq 5 on the market and shines with even higher performance. And the Polestar 3 also impresses on the market. The first SUV from Polestar is a fully electric model in the luxury class. It offers a range of up to 600 kilometres and features a variety of innovative technologies. Other highlights include the new Dacia Duster, which has become even more robust and modern. The Mercedes-Benz EQA and EQB facelift - they now offer a greater range and a modernised design. The Volvo EX90 is a luxury-class SUV equipped with a variety of innovative technologies.

Many new SUVs are equipped with advanced technology. Various assistance systems that make driving easier and safer, such as adaptive cruise control, lane departure warning, emergency brake assist and traffic sign recognition, are just as impressive as new infotainment systems with large touchscreens and modern software.

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