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Better visibility, more comfortable entry, lots of space, more safety: there are numerous reasons why SUVs are so popular. The compacts in particular are on the rise. Here you will find an overview of the various SUV trends this year.

Wider choice and increasingly popular

SUVs are coming up trumps at the moment. The demand for these modern, everyday SUVs is as strong as ever. They are among the most popular cars because they combine many advantages. Of the 15 vehicles that were registered most frequently in 2022, eight, and thus more than half, are SUVs (sport utility vehicles). The two most popular models, the Tesla Model Y and the VW Tiguan R-Line, can be found in the Carvolution range. This statistic alone underlines the popularity of these vehicles. And not only in Switzerland. In Austria, Germany, Scandinavia and Eastern Europe, this type of vehicle is equally successful. On other continents, too, the picture is comparable. The car manufacturers have also understood this. They are trying to fill every conceivable niche with a variety of new SUV models.

Mini-SUVs: compact, powerful, practical

The various terms surrounding small SUVs can be confusing. Mini-SUV, Micro-SUV, Compact-SUV or Crossover are the various terms in circulation. But they all mean the same thing: they are vehicle types that offer a raised seating position and have the appearance of off-road vehicles, but are more compact. For industry experts, the trend shows one thing above all: car drivers today make much more pragmatic decisions than they did just a few years ago. Whereas a vehicle used to be a status symbol, now it is supposed to be practical and inexpensive above all. "The car should make everyday life easier and fit changing needs," says Carvolution co-founder Léa Miggiano.

Car manufacturers have long recognised the need for small big cars and have developed corresponding models. Typical examples are the Carvolution bestseller Ford Puma or the Audi Q2. These are classic crossovers that combine the advantages of coupés and SUVs. Of course, the most important thing is that the car fits your own needs. And if your personal needs change, the Carvolution car subscription offers you the flexibility to change cars.

What are the characteristics of compact and mini SUVs?

They usually have an automatic transmission and, unlike most large SUVs, front-wheel drive instead of all-wheel drive, which makes the car lighter and also more economical. The front-wheel drive also comes from the fact that the intended use of mini and compact SUVs is not primarily off-road capability, but everyday traffic.

How does Carvolution sense the trend?

Small SUVs are among the most popular cars. While it used to be true that the bigger the better, SUVs have become much smaller in recent years. This also corresponds to the need in cities, where smaller vehicles are more agile. Rising petrol prices, lack of space and increased environmental awareness have reinforced the trend towards smaller SUVs. "When we launched the Dacia Spring in early 2022, we sensed how great the demand was," Léa comments. Accordingly, the mini SUV was sold out quickly at Carvolution.

Why smaller SUVs instead of small cars?

Many drivers attach great importance to a high seating position. This facilitates a good overview and thus also increases driving safety. Getting in and out of SUVs is also easier, which is particularly appreciated by older people. For families, the size of the boot plays an important role, so that everyday life does not become an eternal game of Tetris. The large load volume also makes dog owners happy: there is no problem fitting a dog crate in the boot of the mini SUV.

What are the costs of a compact SUV?

On the one hand, the compact design and the absence of all-wheel drive have a lower production and thus sales price. On the other hand, less weight means less fuel consumption. In short: compact or mini SUVs are convincing with their many advantages and yet are easy on the wallet. In terms of price, the smaller SUVs are cheaper than large SUVs, but still somewhat more expensive than small cars. Our popular Renault Captur compact SUV fits this description perfectly.

Are SUVs safer?

Basically, new cars are safer than older models because technology is constantly improving. The elevated seating position in an SUV gives drivers a better overview of the traffic and thus an increased sense of safety. They also have a larger crumple zone.

Electric and hybrid SUVs: mobility for all

The list of vehicles that still exist exclusively with a pure combustion engine is relatively short. Electromobility does not stop at SUVs either. New brands are even being established to position new models, such as Hyundai with Ioniq or Volvo with Polestar. For the market launch in Q4 2023, the Gothenburg-based company wants to make a big impression with the Polestar 3. The electric SUV will appear exclusively with a "Long Range Dual Motor", which measures a proud 490 hp in the basic version. There are also affordable electric SUVs for smaller wallets. At the end of 2023, the Brennero will be the first pure Alfa electric vehicle to be launched on the market at a price below the CHF 40,000 mark. In spring, Citroën's SUV coupé, the ë-C4 X, will be launched, an equally affordable contender.

But it doesn't always have to be pure electric SUVs. Plug-in hybrids are also in demand. And the manufacturers are responding to this demand, so most new models are available with an additional electric motor in addition to a petrol or diesel drive. German carmakers in particular are driving a veritable wave of modernisation. BMW, for example, is launching the newly introduced BMW XM in May - the first plug-in hybrid model of the M-Group. Despite its environmentally conscious drive, you won't miss out on any driving fun with the V8-powered and 653 hp hybrid. With many other innovations, such as the sporty Cupra Tavascan and the ultra-compact Jeep Avenger, SUV fans will get their money's worth.

SUV diversity from Asian manufacturers

While in the past there was comparatively little choice for fans of Asian SUVs, this is increasingly changing. Manufacturers from the Far East are catching up massively and presenting new models. Mazda recently won over crossover fans with its CX-60 hybrid SUV. At the same time, with 327 hp, the CX-60 is also one of the most powerful production models the brand has offered so far. Hyundai's compact Tucson has received a complete makeover while retaining its traditional value attributes: good value for money, a spacious and good-looking interior and buyer-friendly warranty coverage. From the Korean carmaker, the successor to the popular Hyundai Kona compact SUV will then follow in the summer, which is something to look forward to. But Chinese suppliers such as Aiways with their SUV coupé U6 or GWM with the Wey Coffee 01 also want a piece of the SUV pie. Not to forget the Smart #1, an all-electric mini SUV, now newly with Chinese owners.

Power under the bonnet

Even though the trend - not only for SUVs as cars - is increasingly towards smaller engines, there are still many models on the market that defy this trend. Tesla is launching the Tesla Model S Plaid at the beginning of the year. The luxury SUV from the Americans has an impressive 1020 hp and an enormous range of 600 km. Starting price: just under CHF 125,000. Less well-known in Europe is the manufacturer Genesis. In the USA, however, the company is one of the most popular manufacturers and its SUV cars in particular enjoy great popularity. Since last year, the luxury brand from Hyundai can be driven on a subscription basis at Carvolution, including concierge service. However, with the lure of lots of performance, it's also important to remember that it's not easy on the wallet. After all, the costs that arise after the car purchase - such as for tax, insurance and, of course, at the petrol pump - should not be underestimated.

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