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In the last five years, since the founding of the car subscription startup, Carvolution has always been at the top of the Top 100 Swiss Startups. A journey that started in 2019 with 31st place ended in 2023 with the best ever 4th place. We are incredibly proud.

The Top 100 Swiss Startup Awards highlight the most promising Swiss startups every year. Switzerland is home to excellent young companies and the Top 100 is a great opportunity to discover the best of them. A jury of one hundred investors and experts selects the top 100 startups that are no older than 5 years.

2023 - In its last year as a "startup", Carvolution said goodbye with its best-ever 4th place finish

Carvolution in 4th place

After 5 years of Carvolution, and with this being our last year at the Top 100 Swiss Startup Awards, we came in an incredible 4th place. While Carvolution made it to 31st place in the Top 100 for the first time in 2019, we made a huge leap up to 4th place. What a beautiful finish. Many thanks to everyone who believed in us over the last 5 years.

Successful thanks to a strong team and the right investors

The growth of Carvolution would not have been possible without the incredible team of employees and investors. We would like to thank you for your daily commitment and are happy to have so many great, motivated people around us.

But our customers also play their part in ensuring that Carvolution can continue to develop. They place their trust in us. They not only appreciate the customer service that guides them through the entire ordering process, but also the all-inclusive service. They don't have to worry about anything. From redemption, to service and tyre changes, to claims handling. From start to finish, they are looked after in the best possible way. Carvolution, of course, continues to be on the fast track and gives their best day after day.

Top 3 Swiss Startups 2023

The three podium places in 2023 go to HAYA Therapeutics (1st place). The biotech startup develops precision medicines. The main candidate against cardiac fibrosis is currently in the preclinical phase. Planted Foods (2nd place) is revolutionising the food industry by producing plant-based protein from 100% animal product-free ingredients.Yokoy Group (3rd place) is a fintech company that uses artificial intelligence to automate the entire process for corporate spending and corporate credit cards. Congratulations and thank you for your daily efforts.

A trip down memory lane: Carvolutions development at the Top 100 Swiss Startup Award

2019 - Only one year after its founding, Carvolution is ranked 31st

Carvolution in 31st place

The spotlight in the startup scene is usually on young companies from the tech categories of medtech, biotech and fintech, but also engineering and ICT. This was no different in 2019. Carvolution was also nominated this year and secured a great 31st overall ranking amidst the ETH and EPFL dominated landscape.

In particular, we are very proud of our ranking in our most important business areas. For example, we achieved 2nd place in the mobility category as well as 3rd place in the best online startups category.

The Top 100 Swiss Startup Awards are always a good indicator for spotting megatrends. For example, the rapid growth of Carvolution shows that digitalisation in the form of a subscription economy is also making its way into mobility.

Top 3 Swiss Startups 2019

First place goes to Flyability. The startup from the French-speaking part of Switzerland builds indoor drones for areas that are difficult to access. Second place went to the medtech company Lunaphore, which offers automated solutions in the field of tissue diagnostics. The third-placed startup is Ava, also from the medtech sector and specialised in tracking and improving women's reproductive health. Congratulations to the three winners and all the other Top 100 Startups.

2020 - Carvolution secures 12th place among the Top 100 Startups

Carvolution in 12th place

In just one year, we have moved up a whole 19 places and are now in a sensational 12th place. Of course, we are very happy about this. One reason for this is certainly that car subscriptions are becoming more and more popular. Subscribers appreciate the advantage of not having to buy or lease a car and not having to worry about anything. It is also cheaper than leasing or buying a car. Furthermore, it can be said that the so-called subscription economy is increasingly finding its way into social life.

Top 3 Swiss Startups 2020

The categories biotech, medtech and software take the first places. Cutiss can stand on the podium in the first place. The startup grows human skin in the lab for burn victims, among others. Wingtra is in second place. They produce VTOL drones for professional surveying and mapping. And in third place is Piavita. The Vet System offers veterinarians a simple, comprehensive and highly accurate solution for vital sign detection in horses.

2021 - Things continue to move forward. Carvolution happy about 5th place

Carvolution in 5th place

Three years after our inception, we are in a sensational 5th place. Since 2019, we have improved by a whole 26 places. That is insane and of course makes us enormously happy. This is certainly due to the fact that the car subscription is becoming increasingly popular. Our customers appreciate our service, that they have no effort and can simply get in and drive off.

Top 3 Swiss Startups 2021

First place goes to Planted Foods. As the name suggests, the company produces meat from plants and thus skips the animal. In second place is Cutiss, a startup familiar from the previous year. And in third place was 9T Labs AG. With its proprietary additive fusion technology, the start-up enables the series production of high-strength and lightweight composite parts.

2022 - Top 10 again - Carvolution takes 7th place

Carvolution in 7th place

Four years after its foundation, Carvolution again finds itself in the Top 10 of the Top 100 Swiss Startup Awards in 2022. Thanks to the jury for a great 7th place. The car subscription is becoming more and more popular and our customers are just as enthusiastic as we are about the simple, flexible and affordable alternative to buying and leasing a car.

Top 3 Swiss Startups 2022

Startups known from the last few years are again at the top of the list: Yokoy Group (1st place) and Planted Foods (2nd place) were the favourites of the expert jury. Ledgy (3rd place) also convinced the experts. Ledgy is an equity management platform that helps high-growth companies manage their equity plans, employee stock ownership plans, financing rounds and investor relations. Congratulations, you have earned it.

2023 - A farewell in 4th place

Thank you to everyone who has supported us on our journey to this point. We are proud of our journey at the Top 100 Swiss Startup Awards.

2024 - Top 100 Swiss Scale ups: Here we come

We continue to go full throttle and are super excited about what's to come. Next Stop: Top 100 Swiss Scale ups Award!

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