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As a pioneer, Carvolution revolutionised the car industry with its car subscription concept. Now the young company has entered into a cooperation with KÜNG AG BERN, a member of AVIA, the largest petrol station network in Switzerland. For you as a car subscription driver, this not only brings a price advantage when filling up, but you also get more transparency in your monthly fuel costs for your car.

Since the beginning, Carvolution has stood for more transparency in car costs, as many people underestimate them by more than 50%. In the car subscription the costs are understandable and low. The insurances, the road taxes, the tyres, i.e. everything is already included and listed transparently. Thanks to the use of the AVIA Carvolution fuel card, you as a Carvolution customer can now keep track of fuel costs more easily. To make the full cost calculation complete and the costs even more transparent for you as a driver*, you can pay as a customer with the AVIA Carvolution fuel card and settle the costs monthly.

Cooperation for a better customer experience

Unlike most fuel cards, the AVIA Carvolution fuel card not only gives you 2 cps per liter, but 5 cps per liter discount. Filling up is convenient and safe directly with the card. You can benefit from around 600 AVIA service stations. The monthly invoice shows the expenses and you can clearly calculate your car costs for the first time. You know how much you actually spend on your own car. Through this cooperation, AVIA gains the largest car subscription provider in Switzerland as a partner.

Especially interesting for companies

Frequently, employees in companies still collect fuel receipts and receipts so that the accounting can be carried out correctly. Thanks to the fuel card, Carvolution can not only offer corporate customers special conditions, but also minimise the administrative effort in addition to the improved transparency.

Finally know how much the car really costs

At the beginning of the year, Comparis examined the different financing models for a car and came to the conclusion that a car subscription is in many cases cheaper than a leasing. If you only need a car for a short time or even for one or two years, you can save your budget with a car subscription. According to Olivier Kofler, CEO of Carvolution, not only the low price of the car subscription is decisive, but also cost control and transparency. A German study shows how large the knowledge gap is in the area of car costs. Car owners underestimate their costs by more than 50%. "But we see a very positive development, because people are now getting better and better information and are recognizing the attractiveness of the car subscription," says Kofler about the total cost of the car.

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