This year, the Top 100 Swiss Startup Awards once again honoured the 100 best startups. The competition was fierce. We are all the more pleased to be able to celebrate 12th place, just two years after Carvolution was founded.

The first three places

Every year, the Top 100 Swiss Startup Awards highlights the most promising Swiss startups. Switzerland is home to some excellent startups and the Top 100 is a good opportunity to discover the best of them.

As last year, the Biotech, Medtech and Software categories are ranked first. Cutiss takes first place on the podium. The startup cultivates human skin in the laboratory, in particular to carry out grafts on burn victims. In second place is Wingtra. They produce VTOL drones for professional topography and cartography. Third place went to Piavita. The Vet System offers veterinarians a simple, comprehensive and very accurate solution for detecting vital signs in horses.

Carvolution in the front ranks

In 2019, Carvolution was in 31st place, and in just one year we have moved up 19 places to a sensational 12th place. Naturally, we are very happy about this. In the Internet and Mobile category, we even took first place. Here, too, we have been able to climb a few rungs up compared to the previous year. One of the reasons for this development is certainly the fact that the car subscription is becoming more and more well-known and popular. Subscribers appreciate the fact that they do not have to buy or lease a car and do not have to worry about anything. The subscription is also cheaper than leasing or buying a car. It can also be added that the so-called “Subscription Economy” is becoming more and more common in society.

The advantages of Carvolution

Carvolution is growing enormously fast. We now have 40 employees and every team member contributes to Carvolution's continued growth and improvement. Several hundred cars are now on the roads of Switzerland. That said, customers also play their part in ensuring that Carvolution can continue to grow and improve. They place their trust in us. They appreciate not only the excellent customer service, which guides them through the entire ordering process, but also the all-inclusive service. They do not have to worry about anything. If the car needs servicing, for example, Carvolution is there for them. From start to finish, they are taken care of in the best possible way.
Of course, we don’t rest on our laurels and give our best day after day. We hope to glean a few more places in the next Top 100 Swiss Startup Awards.

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