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With a trailer hitch on your car, there are a couple of things to keep in mind when you're driving, whether it's a small trailer or a motorhome, it doesn't matter. This also applies if you are driving with a bike hatch. By reading this blog post, you will find out how to properly secure trailer loads, what tips there are for reversing with a trailer and everything you need to know about tailgates.

The trailer hitch

The "ball" hitch remains the standard for trailer hitches. Its ball diameter is 50 millimetres and its operation is simple and safe. In the ball hitch, the ball surrounds the head of the ball. The lock prevents the trailer drawbar from coming loose, while allowing it to be fully mobile. Trailer hitches are made of cast steel and mild steel. So much for the technical aspects.

If you drive a Carvolution car on subscription, some models are already equipped with a tow bar. Some of them have a device for mounting the hitch in a garage. On others, it is impossible to install a tow bar without damaging parts of the car. If you are interested in a car with a tow bar, please contact us.

Bicycle holder for the tow bar

If you want to travel with your bike, you can mount the bike carrier with the trailer coupling. As with a conventional trailer, the carrier is attached to the trailer hitch. The rack is fixed in place and is located directly behind the car. Installation is therefore very simple.

As an aside: if your car is not equipped with a trailer hitch, but you want to transport your bike, you can also consider a tailgate bike carrier. It is mounted behind the car on the tailgate. Also very simple.

Loading the trailer correctly

Large and heavy trailers, such as caravans, boat trailers or horse trailers, must be loaded correctly, as must smaller, lighter trailers. Overloading or incorrect loading can have serious consequences. In the worst case, your trailer can tip over. Here are some tips on how to load your trailer correctly.

  • For optimal handling and braking, you should always carry heavy loads on the trailer axle. Never load too far forward or too far back.

  • Secure the loads so that nothing can slip or fall off, even in the event of emergency braking or a sudden swerve.

  • If something is sticking out of the trailer, you must clearly indicate this.

Reversing with a trailer

Reversing with a trailer is not so easy and requires some practice. Our tips and tricks will help you.

  • Adjust all your mirrors so that you can clearly see your trailer.

  • Steer and manoeuvre slowly, as small trailers in particular react strongly to large turns of the wheel.

  • The smaller the angle to the parking space, the more difficult it will be to park. Try to drive a little further to park with a larger arc.

  • If you are manoeuvring on a busy road, you should turn on your hazard warning lights. It is compulsory to have someone assist you when reversing.

Let's go!

It is important to always mount your trailer or bike carrier carefully on the trailer coupling. To be on the safe side, check everything once more. Then you get into traffic to transport your goods to the destination of your choice. Once you arrive at your destination, you manoeuvre the trailer into position. When you arrive at your destination, you simply manoeuvre into your parking space. Don't let it get you down if you don't have much experience yet!

You will also find an overview of Carvolution and the car subscription.

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