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Changing tyres happens twice a year. In O(ctober) and at E(aster). Is this mnemonic still up-to-date? And what else do you need to know about changing tyres? Read the blog post for more information.

The right time to change tyres

From O to E means from October to Easter. In October you have to switch to winter tyres, and at Easter to summer tyres. At Easter, the freezing temperatures give way to milder temperatures, while in October it’s the other way around.

Manufacturers recommend switching from summer to winter tyres when temperatures drop below seven degrees Celsius. There is no general obligation to use winter tyres in Switzerland. However, drivers are obliged to equip their cars for the weather conditions and to make them suitable for safe driving.

If you wish to have your tyres changed in a garage, you should make an appointment in good time. During the tyre changing season, there are often hiccups in terms of availability and equipment.

Why should you change your tyres?

Tyres need to be changed because the rubber compound of summer and winter tyres is different. In winter, the compound is more flexible and should offer the best possible grip on ice. In summer, this extra grip is not necessary. A harder compound is required. In addition, the summer tread is much safer on wet roads.

Using the right tyres also saves money. This is because winter tyres wear out quickly on hot roads during the summer. The greater the abrasion, the higher the fuel consumption. This means that you have to buy new tyres more quickly, which obviously costs extra money.

All-season tyres are an alternative. All you have to do is change them every 30,000 km or so. They are useful if you don't drive much and rarely in winter conditions. However, you should be aware that these tyres do not offer the same performance as winter and summer tyres.

Replacing damaged tyres

Tyres can be damaged by a variety of factors:

  • Physical factors (age, wear)
  • Road conditions (potholes, kerbs)
  • Weather (extreme temperature fluctuations)
  • Driving style (quick start and emergency braking, driving on damaged roads)
  • Improper use (summer tyres in snow, incompatible wheel and rim sizes)

If your tyres have been damaged by any of these factors, you must replace them. Otherwise, you could have an accident.

Tyres included with the car subscription

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