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The process of buying a car is quite exciting. But what do you really need to pay attention to? There are certain things you should look at more closely before buying a car, especially a used car. Otherwise, you risk buying a (half) broken-down car in which you’ll have to invest a lot of money, nerves and time. To find out more, check out our blog post now.

The seller - dealer or private person?

Whether you buy your used car from a dealer or a private person is up to you. Private individuals are not necessarily cheaper than dealerships. However, if you buy your car from a private person, you should have it checked at a garage before you buy it.

The checklist

Focus not only on the price and age of the car, but also on the number of kilometres and the condition of the vehicle. Specifically, you should pay attention to the following points:

  • What condition is the interior of the vehicle in? Does it correspond to the age of the car?
  • Is there rust or moisture inside or outside the car?
  • What is the condition of the windows?
  • Can the windows be opened without problems?
  • Can the seats be adjusted easily ?
  • Does the radio, hands-free kit, Bluetooth, navigation system, etc. work?
  • Do the lights and indicators work?
  • Do the seat belts pose any problems?
  • What does the tyre tread look like? Is it at least four millimetres deep?
  • Are all the keys present and do all locks work?
  • Was the car a first purchase from the previous owner?
  • Is the service booklet included? This is important for the warranty service.
  • When was the car last inspected?

A test drive is essential

Some defects only become apparent when driving. It is therefore important that you take a test drive before buying a car. But it doesn't happen in a flash. Some defects are only revealed during long journeys. Put the car to the test: drive it in a village, in the city, on country roads and on the highway. Listen to your gut feeling and pay attention to some aspects of the car:

  • Do you hear strange noises?
  • Is the air conditioning getting cold? Does the heating system heat up?
  • How do you operate the clutch?
  • Does the handbrake work?
  • Are there any noises when braking?

The car documents

It is best to have a written contract of sale drawn up. It is not required by law, but it allows all the promised features of the car to be recorded. It also indicates whether the car has not had any accidents so far. If the car has caused an accident, the private person is also obliged to communicate this. However, this does not include minor damage, such as small scratches, scrapes or dents.

Alternative to the used car: The car subscription

With a subscription, you drive a (new) car. Unlike a used car, it has no hidden or obvious defects. Moreover, with a car subscription, it is not the condition of the car that determines how long you drive it, but you yourself. Whether it is 3, 6 or up to 36 months. And after the minimum period you’ve chosen, you can return the car within 30 days.

You don't have to worry about anything, because everything is included: insurance, taxes, service & maintenance, tyres & storage, as well as the first vignette. Everything is also included in a monthly fixed price. So you don't have to worry about the condition of your car, just enjoy the ride.

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